Zoom Event with Lynda Bennett and Mike Lindell – MyPillow Guy – and Trump’s Minnesota State Campaign Chair! Thurs., June 18th at 2PM

Join us for a special Zoom event with Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and the State Chair for the Donald Trump for President Campaign in Minnesota! Mike Lindell's recent autobiography "What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO" is available now.

A donation of $25 or more today registers you for this special event with Mike Lindell and Lynda Bennett! Lynda Bennett is endorsed by President Trump.

Donate here to enter: https://secure.winred.com/lynda-bennett-for-congress/mypillowfundraisier

Don't forget that this is the last week of early voting.  Vote for the ONLY Candidate Endorsed by President Trump, Lynda Bennett.  

Lynda Bennett Endorsed by President Trump
(Maggie Valley, NC) On Thursday, June 4th, President Trump announced his “Complete and Total Endorsement” of tough conservative candidate Lynda Bennett in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District.
Lynda Bennett is promoting the endorsement with a new ad (above) that is running on Broadcast Television, Cable TV, and on Social Media. Please forward the advertisement to your friends and family by sharing this email with them.
Fake News Alert - Again!: Protect Freedom PAC, a libertarian group supporting Lynda's opponent, is attacking Lynda by questioning her support for President Trump by running an ad resurrecting the lie - Fake News - that Lynda is a Never Trumper. Who do you believe - President Trump or a dark money group? These are ridiculous attacks. Even her opponent says it is nonsense in a recent interview with WKRK radio interview.
Cawthorn said, “She is a true conservative. This never trumper nonsense that was going around, I listened to the whole tape it is very clear that she was being facetious.”
 Though candidates' campaigns do not coordinate with PAC's who endorse them, the candidate and the PAC usually share the same values and principles or the PAC would not have endorsed the candidate in the first place.  There are also PACs who spend hundreds of thousands to millions trying to defeat the biggest threat to their real agenda. The Liberal, Progressive Democrat Socialist running in November doesn't want to run against a staunch conservative supported by the President and his allies. With no experience and real job earned income and young age, Cawthorn is easy pickins'. Think about that one!  

Read more ... Early Voting details too. https://conta.cc/3hrBNzr


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