Join Heritage Action for America to #StandWithPolice Tweetfest Wednesday, Sept 16th 1PM – 3PM.

Asheville Tea Party is part of the Heritage Action for America Sentinel Program. As Sentinels, we are the activist arm of the Heritage Foundation - the boots on the ground. This is part of what we do.
We don't have to tell you of the many horror stories unfolding across the nation, including right here in Asheville with their insane mission to defund the police. We need to have our voices heard. Our police need to know we have their backs.
Please join us and show support for our law enforcement community.
Now, more than ever, your support is needed to back the blue.
Heritage Action is showing our support by holding a #StandWithPolice TweetFest on Wednesday, September 16, from 1 pm – 3 pm ET. Please join your voice with the thousands who plan on participating!
Here three things you can do during the #StandWithPolice tweetfest on Wednesday:
  1. Share your support for the police.
  2. Thank elected officials who have signed the police pledge.
  3. Urge more elected officials to take a stand.

(We’re calling it a Tweetfest, but you can share your support for police on Facebook, Instagram, and any other app).


The radical left is trying to defund our police. This is an attack on all of us; on our cities, our neighborhoods, and our families.


With the Police Pledge, we can ask lawmakers to take a stand against the “defund the police movement.” Many have already signed on—we should thank them.


Those who have not signed, should be urged to do so.


Now is the time to use our voices and stand together and #StandWithPolice.

>>> Head to to see where your representatives stand.

>>> Below are some graphics you can share:




See you tomorrow on Twitter at 1 pm ET!

Janae Stracke

Grassroots Director

Heritage Action for America

Heritage Action for America | 214 Massachusetts Avenue NE, Suite 400 | Washington, D.C. 20002

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