Happy Thanksgiving! Georgia On My Mind. And, Some Positive News Too!

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Then, President Abraham Lincoln Declares Thanksgiving a Day of National Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving did not become a national holiday in the United States until the fall of 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation declaring that the last Thursday in November would be a day of national thanksgiving.
While Lincoln issued the proclamation, credit for making Thanksgiving a national holiday, Sarah Josepha Hale, the editor of Godey's Lady's Book, a popular magazine for women in 19th century America, brought this day to national attention.  Read more here. https://www.thoughtco.com/abraham-lincolns-thanksgiving-proclamation-1773571
Please do not give up hope of a Trump re-election. The fake fascist news would have you believe it's over. It is not. Below is the latest on movement to expose the blatant voter fraud.  
Want to help out in Georgia? Soros and Blumberg are pouring millions to defeat the two Republicans running for the US Senate. Why? These two seats will determine if the Republicans keep the majority in the Senate. That critical. Find out what you can do, even from home.   Read more here.  
The GOP Times: (This is why we are becoming more and more turned off with Fox. They can no longer be trusted. What happened to fair and balanced!?) Whoa.. Fox News Fires More Conservatives After They Refuse $150k to Betray Trump (Diamond and Silk!!)

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