A Christmas Message from ATP. Also, The Immaculate Deception.

We wish you and yours a safe and healthy Christmas. Though our nation's path is uncertain for 2021, our mission and our focus - now more than ever - is to continue the fight to restore Federalism to our Republic so WE THE PEOPLE remain the rightful and legitimate heirs of its fruit. Our nation has been a beacon of freedom on this planet. It's a gift from our Creator. The world is watching. Please do not believe fake news and never give up! Evil men and women, foreign and domestic, have long sought our demise. Yes, we are at that tipping point. But ... "If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."  Samuel Adams WE ARE THOSE PATRIOTS!
A Must Share
Peter Navarro's
The Immaculate Deception on the election fraud
Peter Navarro lays out the indisputable facts that the Left and the RINOs don't want to see. The Immaculate Deception.. Listen to the War Room interview with Peter Navarro and Wayne Allen Root on We Have To Stop This Now, We Can Not Wait
GA Senate Committee Releases Damning Report On Election Fraud – Election ‘Untrustworthy’…Recommends Decertifying Electors
Please contact your U.S. Senators and your representative re: January 6, 2021 (for addresses -see: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members)
You can use the following sample letter that was submitted by Christina Bottieri of the TN Star (outstanding source for truth!)
Dear _________________________:
January 6 is coming soon. If the election is still unsettled, you will be called on to settle it using the Constitution and U.S. Law. The law is particularly confusing, so our lawyer, Mario Apuzzo, has drawn up a map that should make it easier for you to follow the Constitution and the law, should you have to do so.
Here is a link to Mario's letter as well as his Amicus Curiae brief recently submitted to the D.C. District Court in the case of Laity v. Harris which is also related to the election.
When the Founders realized they were merely second-class British citizens, 
they threw off all allegiance to Britain and adopted an entirely new way of 
governing. Instead of a monarchy, they created a republic based on the 
laws of nature and of nature's God. Thus to understand the Constitution, 
we must consider its meaning in light of the natural law.
UnPlug from Fake Fox and the Rest of the Media Frauds
Land of Sky Gun and Knife Show, January 9 & 10, 2021, Fletcher, NC
ATP/PAC will be there. We have 2 new raffles for 2021 - two Ring Battery Operated Security Cameras and a S & W AR15! Tickets on-line and at the show!
See below for details.
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