Mountain Xcrement IS FAKE NEWS!

Jeff Fobes, Mountain Xpress Publisher — AND other WNC “News” Media Outlets:
Regarding your online censorship exemplified on this page:
Letter: Dangerous encouragement of violence
I’d like to know why!


here’s the link which MtnXpress has been censoring:
CDC Exposed: Inflated Covid Deaths By 1600% Throughout The Election, “Violated Multiple Federal Laws” Peer-Reviewed Study Finds…State, Local Governments Must Act
What, does the publisher of Mtn.Xpress not even know that fact that various deaths have been falsely attributed to COVID-19 throughout 2020?  Would this publisher prefer censorship to investigation?
Are there ANY actual journalists any longer who desire to seek truth via investigation, rather than to spread deceit via censorship?
Is it that you all are just too lazy to attempt refuting an alternative perspective using facts, or is it that you really KNOW you have no facts to do so and you’d rather just go along with the collectivist program and sell your soul to evil?
Because unless you change your ways, the only conclusion independent thinkers (apparently, as few we are) in Buncombe can come to is that Mtn.Xpress has elected to go along with the deceivers who would prefer to censor alternate views from the mainstream — just like Hitler!
You do know — and this goes for ALL local “News Sources” — that your engagement in censorship is a just reason for attributing to you, and any among your ilk, the infamous title of “FAKE NEWS”, yes?
Know that your FAKE NEWS censorship is to blame more than anything else for actually inciting violence.  It’s a simple equation really.  The ESTABLISHMENT F-MSM calls those who dissent from their deceit “white supremacists”, then you censor anyone from addressing the BS, and then you point the finger at us for growing angry.
The F-MSM can keep up their divisive acts of aggression and incitement of violence, while simultaneously defunding the police and see how that all ends.
Just know that you and your ilk do not fool any of us.  I’ll tell you all EXACTLY what I told NC Gov. Cooper, who has been destroying jobs & businesses across NC — FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING:
That’s right, take your censorship, your masks & vaccines, and your entire baggage of deceit and SHOVE IT!!!
We’ve put up with your collectivist BS for too long and we’re DONE.
Have a nice day,
bernard baruch carman
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