Equality Act Guts Women’s Sports, Puts Parents, Doctors, and Professionals At Risk of Being Sued!

Reconciliation Bill
On Friday or Saturday, the House is expected to vote on a reconciliation bill. Every calendar year, Congress has the ability to pass a budget resolution. In that budget, Congress can give reconciliation instructions. Reconciliation is a special legislative process that allows certain legislation to be passed with 51 votes. Check out Heritage Action’s blog post explaining reconciliation.

While Democrats have drafted a reconciliation bill under the guise of responding to COVID, the massive $1.9 trillion stimulus package bill does little to combat the virus. While we won’t know for certain what the bill will include until it is passed by the House Rules committee, it is expected the bill will include:
  • $350 billion to bail out state and local governments. The Heritage Foundation has pointed out Congress has already provided state and local aid 16 times more than 2020 revenue losses and twice as much as the expected 2020 and 2021 combined losses.
  • $130 billion for K-12 school funding without requiring those schools to be open.
  • An increase in the minimum wage to $15. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), raising the minimum wage to $15 will put 1.4 million Americans out of work and lead to a price increase for many goods and services that working families are already struggling to afford.
  • Another round of stimulus checks, higher supplemental federal unemployment assistance, and an expansion of the child tax credit. These provisions constitute the majority of the package’s $1.9 trillion price tag.

Another massive stimulus package simply isn’t needed. Congress has been spending money at an unsustainable pace, and it's more important than ever that any additional funding should focus on combating the virus and opening American businesses, society, and schools. Heritage Action will key vote NO on this bill.

Democrats have already had trouble passing this bill, and it is likely the bill will change. There are many stops for this bill to make in the legislative process, and Sentinels should continue to make this bill as difficult as possible to pass every step of the way.

>> Take Action: Urge your member of Congress to vote NO on the reconciliation bill.

Equality Act:  Bad News!!

The House is expected to vote on the Equality Act (H.R.5) on Wednesday. Heritage Action will be key voting NO on this bill. This legislation would alter the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include two additional protected classes: sexual orientation and gender identity. There are many reasons to oppose this bill. It would:

  • Endanger women and girls by forcing them to share bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and sleeping facilities with biological males.
  • Undercut female athletes who compete for college scholarships and career opportunities by allowing biological males who identify as female to compete in and dominate women’s sports.
  • Strip parents of their right to decide the best medical care for a child suffering with gender dysphoria and custody of their children.
  • Support radical school curriculum, teaching sexual preferences and transgender theory to elementary and pre-K children.
  • Close or force faith-based organizations and charities to violate sincerely held religious beliefs, negatively impacting the underserved communities of children, minorities, the unemployed, and the homeless they serve.
  • Create more regulations and lawsuits for employers and businesses.
  • Silence thought and debate on important issues facing our nation, such as gender, marriage, and faith.

While this bill is not likely to pass the Senate as long as the filibuster still remains in place, it is important that conservatives make this radical legislation politically painful.

>> Take Action: Call and urge your member of Congress to vote NO on H.R. 5. Heritage Action has a toolkit to help.

Biden Nominees

Currently two of Biden’s most extreme cabinet nominations are in danger of being forced to withdraw their nominations. This would be a huge conservative victory.

Tanden Confirmation: Over the past few days, Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Mitt Romney (R-Utah) have all come out in opposition to Neera Tanden’s nomination to lead the Office of Management and Budget. There now appears to be a sufficient number of NO votes to defeat her nomination. Sentinels should encourage every Senator to follow suit and oppose her nomination. Tanden is a left-wing pick who would use the Office of Management and Budget to expand the unaccountable bureaucracy of the federal government. Heritage Action has issued a key vote NO.

Becerra Confirmation: Conservatives are close to having the sufficient votes to defeat Xavier Becerra’s nomination as Director of Health and Human Services. As we have highlighted in a new digital ad (watch here), Becerra has supported radical policies like working to overturn other states’ laws restricting late-term abortions, suing the Little Sisters of the Poor, and promoting single-payer healthcare. He also has no healthcare experience, and would be underqualified for the position. Heritage Action will key vote NO on his nomination.

It’s important that conservatives oppose Biden’s nominees not only because they are radical, but also because every day that Democrats are forced to work on nominations prevents them from working to advance their legislative agenda. Many of President Biden’s nominees have received bipartisan support. Conservatives should not make these confirmations easy.

>> TAKE ACTION: Urge your senators to vote NO on Tanden and Becerra’s confirmations. For more information, check out Heritage Action’s toolkit.

Rigging Elections

Next week, the House is expected to vote on H.R.1 “For the People Act.” Heritage Action will key vote NO on this bill. The bill would enable and encourage fraudulent behavior, such as ballot harvesting, false voter registrations, duplicate voting, and ineligible voting.

>> Take Action: Urge your representative to vote NO on H.R. 1. Check out Heritage Action’s toolkit for the list of bad policies included in the bill.

Janae Stracke

Grassroots Director
Heritage Action

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