Show Your Appreciation! Sign The Pledge: Back The Blue! Help Us To Reach More!

If you have not signed the Heritage Action for America pledge to Back The Blue as 225,000+ others have done including our Congressmen, please add your name here and pass this on to your  representatives in your local government and in Raleigh. Asheville Tea Party has already give away two boxes of these beautiful yard signs to display on your lawn to encourage friends and neighbors to support our law enforcement. 

We are also fundraising to make a donation to the Fraternal Order of Police for officers and families in need from the Asheville Police Department that has been maligned and de-funded by the Asheville/Buncombe city and county governments. (Former APD Sergeant Explainns Why He and So Many Officers Have Resigned.)  This is our way of showing we support these men and women who put their lives on the line for US each day.  See link for information on how you too can donate. 


GOP Congressmen Back the Blue

Democrats in the House passed an anti-police bill on Wednesday. Among its provisions was a large, unfunded reporting mandate for our nations’ police. Complying with this mandate would have diverted millions of dollars from local policing efforts—it was #DefundPolice by another name.

Importantly, not a single Republican House member voted for the bill. This is an important victory for conservatives seeking to make a united stand against the Left’s anti-police agenda.
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