2021 Resolution on Restoring Trust in the Electoral Process

See link and attached for 2021 Resolution on Restoring Trust in the Electoral Process (Please click on the link) https://voterintegrityproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/2021-Resolution-on-Restoring-Public-Trust-1.pdf

" ...that confidence in the integrity of North Carolina’s elections is at or near an all-time low, that the NC General Assembly has the constitutional authority to audit the results from the 2020 general election. At a minimum, this audit should include the following:

1) Conduct a bipartisan, hand-eye recount of every contest on the ballot in the seven largest counties from the 2020 general election; and any discrepancies between the machine results and the physical ballot results will trigger the hiring oftwo independent forensic audit teams to analyze the election equipment.

2) Conduct a bipartisan signature analysis of all absentee ballot envelopes compared with voter registration signatures in the seven counties casting the most absentee by-mail votes from the 2020 general election.

3) Obtain a full accounting of all state, federal, and private funds received and spent by the NCSBE during 2020 and of all electoral fraud complaints that have been referred for prosecution since 2014

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