287g Program Jane Bilello Letter to The Editor

287(g) program Jane Bilello  Dec 10, 2018 Times News Blue Ridge Now  https://www.blueridgenow.com/opinion/20181210/mondays-letters-287g-program

To the editor: According to a Times-News article, it seems new Sheriff Lowell Griffin has been considering ending the 287(g) cooperation with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement program. 287(g) was put in place when Sheriff Rick Davis was in office and has been successfully maintained under Sheriff Charles McDonald.

Henderson County is one of six 287(g) counties in North Carolina.

287(g) screens foreign-born people once they are arrested and jailed on a local criminal charge. They are then handed over to ICE only if they do not have the legal paperwork to be in this country so ICE can begin the deportation process immediately.

287(g) does not round up or go looking for individuals, as First Congregational’s congregation says.

Terminating 287(g) would most likely mean a greater, not lesser, ICE presence. As in jurisdictions that do not cooperate with ICE, the agency has no choice but to target specific people on the streets that it otherwise would’ve taken into custody at the detention center.

Terminating 287(g) puts Henderson County on the road to become another failed sanctuary city that puts all of our residents at risk.

Jane Bilello, Hendersonville