287G Program: Kevin O’Neill Letter to Editor


Times News, December 8th, 2018:  Kevin O'Neill Letter to the Editor

 I strongly urge our newly elected sheriff to reject any petition that seeks to nullify agreements reached by his predecessors with federal law enforcement authorities.

Sheriff Lowell Griffin was elected to enforce all the laws/established protocols, and not just those certain groups want to be enforced. When a community tells a law enforcement official which agreements to honor with federal officials and which not to honor, we are on the path toward “government by petition.”

This can result in a situation where the group whose petition has the most signatures “gets its way.” The group, however, cannot be relied upon to speak for all of us.

Moreover, to protect the community, local law enforcement must work closely with its federal counterparts. Often, local police forces lack the manpower, training, expertise and financial resources to go it alone.

In order to best serve the community, agreements with federal law enforcement authorities must be maintained.

Kevin F. O’Neill, Hendersonville