287G Program: Paul Rebuck Letter to Editor


December 7th, 2018:  Letter to the Editor, Times News

Effective program

 The 287(g) program in Henderson County, in cooperation with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has been highly successful under the past two county sheriffs.

With the 287(g) program, encounters and arrests have been conducted in a timely manner so that the perpetrator is not accidentally released into our community.

When illegal immigrants commit crimes, especially assault, murder, rape, check fraud, identity theft, drug trafficking and human trafficking, they need to be taken off the street immediately and permanently with no chance of accidentally being released into the community.

The 287(g) program allows for swift identification of these illegal immigrants when they are processed into our jail.

This program is a wise and effective use of our tax dollars committed to public safety.

I am requesting that the county commissioners continue to fund the program and continue to encourage the new sheriff to continue the successful 287(g) program put in place by the past two sheriffs.

Paul Rebuck, Hendersonville