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Gun Rights Supporters:

If you think Republicans will prevent gun control from passing through Congress, you are wrong. On MondaySenate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) told “The Hill” that he is acceding to demands by Democrat (and perennial gun banner) Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to hold hearings on “firearms accessories.

Unfortunately, the NRA strategy of kicking this over to the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) in the (flawed) hope that they would institute a regulatory solution to so-called “bump stocks” backfired as the BATFE kicked the can back to Congress.

This isn’t just about ‘bump stocks’

And if you think this is about banning the “bump stocks” nobody likes, you are equally wrong.

With anti-gun Democrats and the media still at full-throated roar, roughly two dozen gun control bills have been introduced in the weeks since Las Vegas. While most of those won’t see the light of a committee hearing, the so-called “bump stock” bans in the House and Senate will.

And what can you expect from the bills to see hearings in Grassley’s committee? By covering anything which “accelerates the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle,” banned items would include:

  • Optical sights, particularly non-magnifying reflex optics designed to get the shooter on target more quickly;

  • Trigger jobs or systems which allow the shooter to fire more quickly;

  • Muzzle compensators which reduce recoil to get the gun back to the target quickly; and

  • What else? Frankly, it’s impossible to know.

And yes, the “slippery slope” which House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi “certainly hopes” will lead to further gun control will almost certainly lead to debate over “high” capacity magazines, as in the ban introduced by Representative Elizabeth Esty (D-CT).

‘Good guy’ with an AR-15? They don’t care

The ostensibly “mainstream” media is doing its best to gloss over the fact that in the horrific church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, it was not only a “good guy with a gun,” but a good guy with an AR-15 who stopped the killer by shooting him at least twice. Stephen Willeford is an American hero.

But they don’t care.

Yes, this is the third time in recent years in which an armed private citizen has stopped a mass homicide in a church.

But they don’t care.

Yes, gun control failed again as, for the second time in recent weeks, the killer underwent a NICS check to get his firearms.

But they don’t care.

Nope, the gun ban advocates care about one thing and one thing only: That they have an opportunity to ban your guns in order to better control you.

What will stop gun control?

It’s been said that, “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Well, I’m here to tell you that the only thing that will stop a gun ban organization with clout is a no-compromise gun rights group with clout.

GRNC is exactly that no-compromise gun group, not only at a state level, but also in fighting federal gun control.

Right now, we can’t do what we need to…

The problem is that right now, GRNC is dangerously low on resources. And the reason is that too many gun owners decided that since they elected Donald Trump to the White House, they can go back to sleep.

The problem our side faces is that we just want to be left alone. So when we win an election, we go back to our lives.

But the left doesn’t think that way. They want control – control over YOU. Consequently, they never go away, they never stop, they never sleep. They just keep coming back again and again until they get what they want which is, in this case, the end of the Second Amendment.

I need you to do three things

YOU must immediately take three actions to defend our liberty:

1. Sign GRNC’s “No Compromise On Federal Gun Control” petition by going to http://grnc.org/fight-federal-gun-control. We will present copies of the petition to both US Senators from North Carolina, and all 13 US House representatives.

2. Immediately make three phone calls to Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis from North Carolina and Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley and let them know that NO GUN CONTROL IS ACCEPTABLE. Call Burr at (800) 685-8916, call Tillis at (919) 856-4630, and call Grassley at (515) 288-1145. (Yes, these are their district offices, not their Washington offices).3. Donate to GRNC: Without your help, we won’t be able to target legislators either now or in the next elections. For example, our power relies on alerting gun owners to contact legislators. When sending millions of emails, the bill for email alerts alone can exceed $4,000 per month. While we deeply appreciate your membership, that alone does not enable us to kick legislative tail. Please contribute at: www.grnc.org/join-grnc/contribute

With your help, we will once again prevail. And as always, Grass Roots North Carolina will put your donation to more efficient, effective use in defending your rights than any other organization.

Armatissimi e liberissimi,

F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina
Executive Director, Rights Watch International

P.S. Remember, $100, $50, $25 or even $10 will very much help us defeat state and federal gun control being pushed  by those who exploit tragedy. Please accept my personal thanks for your help.


4/23/2017:   Gun Rights Week in North Carolina.  Action Alert

Confidential Member Only Memo Below
*** Please read and take immediate action ***


This is by far the most important week of the year so far for our gun rights here in North Carolina.

You see, this Thursday, April 27 is the date a bill has to pass committee or it can’t be voted on this session.

And I’m excited to announce that at third — and FULL — Constitutional Carry bill (H.B. 746) has been introduced in the House.

H.B. 746 is wildly popular with the pro-gun legislators — and they’re prepared to force a full up or down floor vote to put every member of the General Assembly on record for or against our gun rights.

But H.B. 746, Constitutional Carry, must clear the Judiciary Committee by Thursday if it’s going to receive a floor vote this year.

So please take five minutes to read the critical memo below and how YOU can help send H.B. 746 to the floor for an up or down vote.

It’s YOU who made this moment possible (see memo below).

So please don’t delay.

Read the memo below and take immediate action.

For freedom,

NC Gun Rights 


RE:             Con Carry Update + Thursday’s Deadline
DATE:        April 24, 2017, 9:47 AM


Back in March, NC Gun Rights announced the introduction of the 2017 Constitutional Carry bill, H.B. 201, which included a FULL REPEAL of the so-called “Permit to Purchase” language currently on the books.

At the time, H.B. 201 was the best Constitutional Carry bill out there.

Remember, another Constitutional Carry bill was filed earlier in the session — H.B. 69 — but it did not include the repeal of the draconian “Permit to Purchase” language currently on the books in Raleigh.

This shows the strength of NC Gun Rights membership. 

NC Gun Rights won’t let politicians from EITHER party claim to support gun rights while hiding away and leaving a bad law like “Permit-to-Purchase” on the books.

Our members made their voices heard, and without the efforts of our grassroots members and supporters, not one real Constitutional Carry bill would have been introduced this session.

But because of the strength of our members and supporters, legislators in Raleigh are competing to see who can be the biggest champion of our gun rights.

The only setback was that the introduction of two Constitutional Carry bills caused a lot of confusion among legislators.

The good news is that it’s clear the politicians are getting the message.

In fact, a third Constitutional Carry bill (H.B. 746) was just introduced.

And just like H.B. 201, H.B. 746 also repeals the gun grabbers’ “Permit-to-Purchase” law.

But this week, April 24 – April 27, is where rubber hits the road.

Constitutional Lives or Dies this week in Judiciary IV Committee

There is an important committee deadline coming up this week on Thursday, April 27.

Many of the Republicans in leadership in the General Assembly are happy to let this good Constitutional Carry bill die.

That means this real Constitutional Carry bill could die on April 27.

And that’s exactly what the political class prefers to happen.

You see, they’ll let it die because they don’t want to face the music at home from the liberals and the gun grabbers who have swooped into our state, bankrolled by Michael Bloomberg, to push radical new gun control laws.

Spineless Republicans will cower and hide from Democrats who think you should have to put your name on a list or pay tribute for the right to keep and bear arms.

We cannot let this happen.

We must demand a vote on H.B. 746. 

To do that, the Judiciary 4 committee will have to vote on the bill and deliver it to the House floor.

That is worth repeating:

The Judiciary IV (4) Committee is the only hurdle stopping Constitutional Carry this year.


Representatives Justin Burr (R, Albemarle) and Hugh Blackwell (R, Valdese) are the chairmen of Judiciary IV Committee.

It’s critical that they hear from as many pro-Second Amendment folks as possible this week.

Normally, when good bills get sent to a committee, they are sent there to die.

That’s why folks on the inside often refer to committees as “killing fields” for good legislation.

But with the help of our members and supporters, we can make sure Reps. Burr and Blackwell vote on this bill in committee and send this important legislation on the House floor for a vote.

To do that, we’ll have to put as much pressure on Reps. Burr and Blackwell as we possibly can.

We’ll also need as much pressure on House Speaker Rep. Tim Moore as we can muster.

Please contact Reps. Moore, Burr, and Blackwell, and let them know gun rights supporters in North Carolina want a vote on H.B. 746, Constitutional Carry. 

You can call, email, or let them know by sending them a message on Facebook.

Firmly and politely tell Reps. Moore, Burr, and Blackwell you’d like to see a vote on H.B. 746 on the House floor.

Call Speaker Tim Moore:
(919) 230-0713
Facebook Message Rep. Moore:  

Call Rep. Justin Burr:
(919) 230-2184
Facebook Message Rep. Burr: 

Call Rep. Hugh Blackwell:  
(919) 230-2825
Facebook Message Rep. Blackwell:

We’ll need all the help we can get to convince GOP leadership to give us a vote on H.B. 746.

If Reps. Burr and Blackwell don’t give Constitutional Carry a vote in committee, it will die before it ever gets a chance for a vote in the House.

So it is vital we let the rest of the Judiciary 4 committee know that we expect them to vote for this bill.


Once you’ve called Reps. Moore, Burr and Blackwell, please email the following members of Judiciary I Committee and tell them the House should vote on H.B. 746.

Copy and paste the emails below to send one email to all the legislators:


Gun Rights Week in North Carolina

All week, NC Gun Rights will remind our members and supporters across North Carolina to contact these legislators to make sure we get a vote on Constitutional Carry in the Judiciary 4 Committee and send it to the House floor.


2/16/2017  Unconstitutional Gun Control Law in NM.  Action Needed!

NMSOLR – New Mexico Sons Of Libert Riders needs YOU, all SOLR Members and State Leadership positions if you are opposed to “gun control.” If you carry a firearm for protection, hunt, shoot sport, farm or ranch, we need you.

There is unconstitutional gun control legislation that is currently being pushed,(quite swiftly,) that requires veto from NM Governor, Susanna Martinez.  Please call, email or write and voice your concerns if you are opposed to the erosion of your CONSTITUTIONAL rights. If it passes here in NM …it will be headed to other states.

The bills in question are : SB48 and HB50. Please click these links for bill language: New Mexico SB48   and companion bill New Mexico HB50 These bills are under the cover of “back ground checks,” please read further, they reach much deeper. Our nation currently has a background check system in place. Law abiding gun owners typically do not commit crimes. Criminals do not purchase their firearms legally, we do ..criminals typically steal their firearms or buy/ trade privately with drugs or other illicit money for stolen firearms.

The vast majority of  County Sheriffs Offices in NM are with us in opposition of these bills, that the bills, if turned into law, will be unenforceable. 

Please help your SOLR Brothers and Sisters by contacting our NM Governor.

This is NOT just a NM issue, it is an American issue and our understanding is that these bills are Bloomberg driven. Please click here to Contact NM Governor, Susanna Martinez and voice your opposition and that she MUST Veto. Please let the governor know that you are with Sons of Liberty Riders. We are highly respected by all levels of government here in NM.

NMSOLR Leadership and Members continue to attend hearings concerning the above, we write, call and visit our legislators often and are closely monitoring these bills and need YOUR support.

This is what WE as Sons of Liberty Riders are about, we are Acta Non Verba and powerful when combined as ONE group. Let’s show our power. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter, we are very concerned. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact any NMSOLR Officer. Thank you

Visit SonsOfLibertyRiders.com at: http://americanlibertyriders.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

3/24/2016:  Gun Owners Nationwide Cheer as U.S. Supreme Court Smacks Down Massachusetts Over its Stun Gun Ban — Says the ban contradicts Heller

Not a GOA member yet?  You can join Gun Owners of America today for only $20!

It Was a Good Week for Liberty!

Antonin Scalia would have been pleased.

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed an anti-gun decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and upheld the 2008 Heller decision in the process. 

The Massachusetts case involved a 4’11” woman who was being threatened by an ex-boyfriend, who was nearly a foot taller.  She pulled a stun gun and chased him away.

While that was good news for her, this is where things got dicey.  Her possession of the stun gun violated the Bay State’s ban on “electrical weapons.”

She was tried and convicted, with the state supreme court ultimately holding that her possession of a stun gun was not protected by the Second Amendment since it represented technology that could not have been foreseen in 1791.

But what about speech that is transmitted via computers, radio and TV?  Is that not protected by the First Amendment since this technology did not exist in the eighteenth century?

This was the exact point made by Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas in their concurring opinion:

Electronic stun guns are no more exempt from the Second Amendment’s protections, simply because they were unknown to the First Congress, than electronic communications are exempt from the First Amendment, or electronic imaging devices are exempt from the Fourth Amendment.

As for the brief opinion in Caetano v. Massachusetts, the Supreme Court rejected claims by Massachusetts that stun guns are not protected by the Second Amendment because they are “dangerous and unusual” or because they must be supposedly suitable for warfare.

In each instance, the Court said the Massachusetts opinion was inconsistent with Heller.

You can read GOA’s amicus brief in the original Heller case here — and contribute here to help with GOA’s current caseload, like fighting the 1986 ban on machine guns.

Liberals on the Supreme Court Biding their Time

The pronouncement by the Supreme Court this week was a per curiam decision — a unanimous decree by the Court, with a concurring opinion written by the two conservatives (Justices Alito and Thomas).

Some have wondered why the liberal judges on the Court refrained from objecting to the decision.

Perhaps the best explanation was offered by the liberal Slate magazine:

The liberals are waiting for a sympathetic colleague [that is, for Merrick Garland to be confirmed] before chipping away at Heller — and may indicate that the progressive justices are hesitant to move against Heller at all.

This just underscores how important it is for you to continue urging your Senators to oppose the President’s nominee.

No one doubts that the liberals on the Court are just biding their time — waiting for another liberal to give them a 5-4 majority — so that they can continue waging their war againstHeller and the Second Amendment.

It is very important that we continue making our voice heard in the U.S. Senate.

You can use a pre-written letter here to urge their Senators to oppose Merrick Garland.

In the meantime, this week’s Court decision is a victory for gun rights — and gun owners should celebrate it.

Bill Olson, who is one of the litigating attorneys for Gun Owners of America, said Caetano definitely advances gun rights:

The per curiam opinion slapped down an obviously anti-gun state court opinion where state court judges were looking for any way to end-run the principles of the Heller decision.  No doubt Justice Scalia would have been gratified.

Indeed, Scalia is looking down with a smile on his face.

In liberty,

Erich Pratt
Executive Director
Gun Owners of America

P.S. I hope you will enjoy the “Happy Easter”  …  For all of us here at GOA, I want to thank you for taking action on our alerts and for helping us to fight against the threats to our Second Amendment rights.