Action Alert! A Great Day for Us! Supreme Court Rules Voting Law Outdated! Call your NC Reps and Senators to Fix HB 589, Now That The Attorney General Can Not Longer Veto It!


 Please tell your state representative and senator to Fix 589 now that Eric Holder - the Attorney General -  can no longer veto it!   - 


"We hope today's ruling will spur our Legislature to turn House Bill 589 into a voter ID law that might actually prevent election fraud, since the current version will not."


(For details on why the current version is too weak to prevent systematic election fraud, please visit our PAC site,



Background: What the Supreme Court just did...
While legal scholars may nitpick this analysis, the short simple version is that it takes away the authority of the US Department of Justice to veto any election-related legislation or policy changes that were enacted in all or part of 14 states (NC among them).

NC Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis, has made it clear that getting his voter ID bill past the "DOJ pre-clearance" was the primary goal of HB 589. While we questioned this tactic, it appears to be rendered moot by the Supreme Court's decision to throw out the section of the law that gave the DOJ their authority over this matter. Now Tillis should try it again with the goal of preventing election fraud. Please call him and tell him.

Background: What's wrong with our voter ID bill?
We have a more detailed discussion at our website (link is below), but the short critique of House Bill 589 involves the watered-down definition of what counts as valid ID. With the allowance of more than 75 different college ID cards, expired driver's licenses and (literally) hundreds of different types of government employee ID cards, the workers at the polls will not be able to confirm authenticity of any ID cards. This weakness opens wide the door for the types of systematic election fraud that have been documented in other states. 

Our solution is to allow only one of the following document for voting:
1. an unexpired DMV driver's license 
2. an unexpired NC non-operators ID card
3. a current US Passport 
4. an unexpired military ID card 

People claiming they do not have any of those documents would get a Provisional ballot that requires them to sign an statement attesting to their identity and to their claim of NOT having approved ID. . . with one small added detail.

The federal courts have always supported the above solution, because it would not hinder the voter's access to the polls. Of course, it won't hinder fraud either, since a liar who uses a false name will never be tracked down. BUT we added one small fraud-prevention element that makes the crime more dangerous. 

All Provisional ballots would require that a digital photograph of the person casting the ballot be included in the documentation. That way, they will never even need to return to the polls with another form of ID and can avoid any additional costs for their vote. 

The costs of the digital web cameras for such a requirement would be $30 to $40 each, for a total cost of less than $100,000 to equip all 2,000 NC polling locations. Even then, any new equipment costs could be supplied through the check-off system on the NC State Income Tax form. 

While this simple solution wouldn't stop all election fraud, it would increase the odds of catching people alleged to have been protected by the law as they voted at multiple times at the same location during the Early Voting period.

For more information about our critique of HB 589, please click here.

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