Asheville Tea Party Meeting Thursday 7/18 with Haywood 9.12 in Waynesville, 6 PM

What:  Asheville Tea Party Meeting with Haywood 9.12


When:  Thursday, 7/18/13 at 6 pm

Where:  5080 Racoom Rd. Waynesville 6 PM:  Agenda 21: Your Property is up for Grabs by the UN

Speaker:  Dr Dan Eichenbaum, Show Host of Dr Dan's Freedom Forum, Patriot and Freedom Fighter

Recent current events have focused attention on the abuse of power at the Federal Government level. Our silence may seem like approval of these abuses. If they are not countered - then they only get more blatant.

The Haywood 9-12 TEA Party will meet on Thursday, July 18 @ 6pm in the USDA: Agriculture Extension Center on Raccoon Road with Dr. Dan Eichenbaum. Dr. Dan is a 36 year practicing physician. He is known regionally as the talk show host on Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum. As a long time grassroots activists, he is dedicated to exposing the many tentacles of the UN Agenda-21.

Agenda-21 is a “Comprehensive Plan” for the 21st Century being implemented under the guise of “Sustainable development” in Western North Carolina. Unelected Government Bureaucrats could restrict the uses allowed on our own property.

This meeting will enable folks to challenge these decisions at the local level.

Last week Gov. Mike Huckabee was instrumental in exposing the BlueWays Project in Arkansas as a massive over reach by Federal Agencies. The unilateral re-designation of private property into “BlueWays” by the Department of Interior was stopped by grass roots activity.

Come to the meeting on Thursday July 18th to learn about these issues at the local level. Many Americans are not willing to relinquish private property rights… with out a fight.

Join us, to hear Dr. Dan Eichenbaum who will present a clear view of the techniques being used today to destroy property rights that we hold dear.

You will be surprised to learn just how bad it is… already. We will learn the deceitful terminology that is used by our government. We will see how the federal government funnels money and funding to its ‘friends’ - to limit our freedoms.

Attacks on our Constitutional rights include limiting gun rights; enforcing government controlled health care; and now invasion of our private phone calls and emails. Take a stand.

See you there: Thursday, July 18th @ 6pm. USDA: Agricultural Extension Center on 589 Raccoon Road, Waynesville NC 28786

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