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"Obamacare is a great idea that can't be paid for." -Thom Tillis

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The Case Against Thom Tillis

We are in the midst of filing season for an important U.S. Senate primary in the state of North Carolina.  Thom Tillis, the GOP establishment choice, is squaring off against several other candidates.

Tillis is a corporate-style, moderate Republican.  In fact, it has been reported elsewhere that he was originally a protege of the moderate North Carolina former Republican leader Richard Morgan. 

I see a pretty strong case against Tillis becoming the nominee.  Consider the following:

1. As Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, Tillis often has been found watering down or otherwise opposing more conservative legislation that originated in the North Carolina Senate.  Or his House might have been passing legislation that was less conservative than what the Senate would pass.  One of the justifications we heard was that the re-election prospects of Republican House members from urban areas had to be protected.

2. Tillis has been unwilling to undergo vetting with conservative/ constitutionalist groups throughout the state.  In fact, some groups have even placed an empty chair on the platform during forums and debates to illustrate his non-participation.  But a very illuminating comment was released by the Tillis campaign on this issue:

We’ll look at making sure the events we do commit to have an ability to reach a  broad range of voters, whether that’s through traditional media or otherwise....We’re trying to make decisions now based on scheduling and strategy.

What does this mean?  Apparently, Tillis is more willing to undergo vetting through the liberal media than through the state's conservative/ constitutionalist base. 

3. The state's mainstream media is currently embracing Tillis as the Right Kind of Republican.  But if he were to be nominated, they will quickly turn against him and do everything they can to help Kay Hagan.  At that point, the state's media/left complex will be able to pin the recent output of the North Carolina General Assembly directly on Thom Tillis.  And they will do this even though state spending has not even shrunk; and even though much more overall needs to be done by conservatives at the state level. 

4. Tillis originally supported the idea of establishing an Obamacare state-based insurance exchange in North Carolina.  His people now claim that later information led him to change his position.  But in fact, information about the damaging nature of the state-based exchanges was quite available much earlier.  What had been happening in the state of North Carolina at the time Tillis was supporting the exchange?  The state's pharmaceutical industry, hospital industry and the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce were all pushing for it.

5. Recently published information suggests that Tillis possesses an erroneous, passive stance toward opposing those who misuse the United States Constitution.  After reading his statement, it makes me feel that he will quickly fold when there is a battle that needs to be fought regarding federal over-reach. This is a historic moment when our nation's constitutional republic has been lost; when our nation has taken a sharp left turn, and adopted socialism; and when the culture has also been nearly lost.   In addition, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending $50 million to defeat Tea Party-aligned candidates.  Even the nation's corporate community is leaning heavily toward socialism and secular relativism!  This is not an environment in which we should elect politicians who will reflexively surrender.  Instead, we need someone who is willing to fight hard and to take risks

6. Tillis has embraced tolls on North Carolina's interstate highways.  I think if the people knew about this, it would be politically radioactive.  How many people really want this?

7. A fundraiser for Tillis was hosted by the leader of a lending corporation that had an interest in legislation protecting that industry at the state level.  The bill had been passed only a week earlier.

8. The Daily Haymaker has done some yeoman's work uncovering various special interest connections with lobbyists, law firms, and certain corporations.  Examples?

9. A scandal that occurred a couple of years ago raised lots of questions.  Two of Tillis' staff members-- including one with whom he shared an apartment-- were discovered to have had "inappropriate relationships" with lobbyists

10. We need to motivate the state's conservative/ constitutionalist base to work and donate and turn out in this senatorial election.  Remember that, in order to win, a sharp contrast with the awful Kay Hagan would be most helpful.  Tillis will not credibly provide the strong contrast with Hagan that would most effectively motivate North Carolina's conservative base.

Overall, I think our state can do much better than Thom Tillis.   It is imperative that North Carolina conservatives and constitutionalists bypass Tillis' candidacy, and settle on a better candidate in the primary.  "More of the same" in Washington will not be sufficient to reverse our nation's disastrous decline. 

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