Abortion Issue: Congress Must #EndInfanticide. Pass the #BornAliveAct


Then, there's the even bigger picture ... the DC Swamp!  

Call Congress.  Take Action ... It's Time To End Infanticide

Thank you Heritage Action for America for your ongoing support on this issue. 

Right now, abortion providers are able to deny care to abortion survivors, leaving them to die.

To end infanticide, Congressmen must sign onto the "discharge petition" to force a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.


The discharge petition goes live on Tuesday, April 2. 

Do you know if your Representative is planning to sign it?

Call your Representative and tell him or her to "sign the discharge petition." 

 (Even Rep Mark Meadows who is a proponent of the #BornAliveAct needs to hear how you support his efforts!)  

Rep Rep Patrick McHenry R-NC10 @PatrickMcHenry  (202) 225-2576

Rep Mark Meadows R-NC11  @RepMarkMeadows (202)  225 6401

Not in NC10 or NC11?  See here to look up your rep.  

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