Action Alert! Call Congress. Vote No on H.R. 1

In our Republic, state governments write their own election laws and largely hold the power to determine how their own elections are conducted. This is proper, as the people should be determining who represents them, and how they are chosen.

But now that Washington Liberals hold power, they want to reverse the balance of power and have the federal government run all our elections.

With Nancy Pelosi’s H.R. 1 bill, Washington Liberals want to:

  • Dictate to the states (i.e., the people) how the President, U.S. Representatives, and Senators are elected,
  • Rig the rules to make it a forgone conclusion regarding who is elected.

Simply put, with H.R. 1, Washington Liberals are trying to rig the election laws to keep themselves in power forever. They may vote on this bill as early as next week.

Here are just a few of the ways Democrats are trying to rig election laws with H.R. 1:

  1. Spend taxpayer dollars on politician’s re-election campaigns
  2. Remove state voter ID requirements
  3. Mandate same-day voter registration
  4. Allow people to vote outside of their precinct
  5. Give felons the right to vote
  6. Strip states of their right to draw their own congressional districts
  7. Give one party a majority control over the Federal Election Commission

>>> Our Activist Toolkit provides more background info and a more complete list

How to stop H.R. 1 and save our elections:

  1. Call your Representative and oppose H.R. 1 (here’s a sample call script)
  2. Share information on social media (sample posts are in our toolkit)
  3. Work proactively with your state legislators to fortify your state’s election laws. Here’s a list of guiding policies every state should enact.
  4. Spread the word. Please forward this email to like-minded conservatives.

Saving our elections starts by holding the line and not letting Liberals in Washington rig the rules. And going forward, we will lead a sustained push in state legislatures to improve our election laws.

Janae Stracke
Grassroots Director
Heritage Action for America

P.S. – For social media graphics about H.R. 1, be sure to check out our Activist Toolkit