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Fellow Legionnaires,

We took an oath. We served honorably. We still believe in the oath.  We believe in looking out for each other. That didn’t end when we took off the uniform.

Our American Legion is here to look out for each other. It doesn’t end because we are too old, too busy, or too tired . Once a Legionnaire, always a Legionnaire. Because it comes back to that oath.

Through the years we have been challenged but never like this. A pandemic was the stuff of Hollywood. It would never happen in our country of modern medicine. But here we are. Posts around the state are still working and helping inside our Governor’s Executive Order. Blood Drives, Soup Kitchens, Homeless Shelters & Supply Delivery.

Do you need assistance?  Be sure to ask for help.  Call the local Post or the Department.

Do you feel the burden, or the isolation is too much? The Veteran Crisis Helpline is there for you at 800-273-8255.

Check out our websites at or for the latest on Legionnaires in action and scheduling changes.

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We are in this together!

James D. Moore, Jr
Commander, The American Legion Department of North Carolina

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