April 20th NCSBOE Public Comment Mail-In Voting


Thanks to all of you who wrote to the NC SBOE by Monday, April 20th. Our side that voice strenuous opposition took up the first two hours of the public hearing! Cudos! Thanks to all of you, We’ve done it again!

But the battle isn’t over.

Why the continued concern??  See link here.

The following is the speech Jay Delancy, CEO of Voter Integrity Project presented at the NC State Board of Election public comment on April 20, 2020.

I am Jay DeLancy of Voter Integrity Project. We oppose your amendment to NCAC 01 dot 106 and its expanded definition of the word, “emergency.” Under this new rule, your agency can invent new election laws overnight. All you will need to do is declare that current conditions “would otherwise convince a reasonable person to avoid traveling to or being in a voting place.”

Just this past few weeks, we’ve seen how “emergency powers” were abused by partisan interests in Michigan and New Mexico. In both states, it took costly litigation to avoid widespread election fraud.

Despite the claims made earlier today, your March 26 recommendation memo expressed a desire for Vote-By-Mail elections. The Legislature has not given you this power, but your amendment COULD. Thanks to your new rule, our courts would have to fight over the meaning of the word, “reasonable.” Then, you could plausibly mail “unrequested” ballots to all “registered” voters in NC. Since our sloppy voter rolls currently include nearly one million “Inactive” voters, this is a deal breaker. And just to clarify that deceptive term… “Inactive” means “missing” voters whose returned mail suggests they either 1) moved away, 2) died, or 3) were never legitimately registered in the first place. We foresaw this problem in 2014 and offered your agency a viable solution, but the leadership team loudly opposed it. As a result, we took matters into our own hands and it wound up costs your agency $619,000 in legal damages. [See attachment.]

Let’s agree now… to avoid flooding the state with a million surplus ballots. Your actions would invite widespread voter fraud and further erode public trust in the democratic process. THIS is why we urgently suggest you table the measure, pending Legislative review.

Jay N. DeLancy, LtCol, USAF (Ret)
Director, Voter Integrity Project of NC
(Office) 919.429.9039
(Cell) 919.332.4129
Twitter: @VoteChecker