Articles: 287g and ICE

December 14th:  Herald Sun:  11 released from Durham jail after sheriff ends policy of honoring immigration holds

December 10th, 2018:  Ending 287G does not end Fed Footprint in your county.  If anything, it will increase Fed presence. USA Today:  Feds targeting more worksites crack down on undocumented workers – but not their employersson honored


December 8th:  Thursday, ICE responded with a statement to McFadden ending 287G  stating that Charlotte should expect a more visible presence from the agency in the city.


December 7, 2018: Sheriff McFadden begins tenure by ending ICE's 287(g) program in Mecklenburg County

November 27, 2018 Think it can't happen here ... First day on the job and NC sheriff end county agreement with ICE