ATP Letter To President Trump re: #FullRepeal 3/1/2017

March 1, 2017  Letter to President Trump on the White House website:

Dear President Trump,

Speaker Ryan and the House establishment leadership - RINOs - are pressuring you into supporting the “Repeal Plus” plan, Paul  Ryan’s plan.  This plan, as RSC Chair Rep. Mark Walker tells us, is quite expensive, establishes a new health care entitlement, levies taxes on the consumer, and bails out the insurance companies.  It is a very, very bad plan.   As you know, the Freedom Caucus and Rep. Walker are asking you to reject this plan.  Please stand against it.  Here is an article detailing the RSC opposition to Speaker Ryan’s plan:    And, GOP Conservatives Oppose Plan

The American voter put you and Republicans into office for specific reasons.  The full repeal of the ACA was second only to immigration as issues critical to the voters.   As an activist working nationwide, I can assure you that the American voter is shocked and deeply frustrated at the inaction of House leadership to repeal the ACA.  Speaker Ryan is in deep trouble over this.  He continues to sell out the American people. 


Since Speaker Ryan has squandered an opportunity to strengthen the 2015 Repeal bill, we need to pass it again as written.  This 2015 repeal bill is the plan endorsed by the Freedom Caucus.  It is time to pass this bill and get it to you.  The Republicans are out of excuses

I will assure you, you will lose support from this activist and the voters who elected you if you do not fully repeal Obamacare – kill it, all of it, every word – and do a replacement in a separate bill.  Senator Rand Paul’s plan is the only plan that is based on free market principles and addresses the points you brought up in last night’s speech. Let the free market work.  

Do not hold repeal hostage to replace. Urge Congress to re-pass the 2015 Repeal Bill. Then,  do not sign any bill that establishes a new health care entitlement, that taxes consumers,  and that bails out insurance companies. Let them work to develop competitive products.  Do not replace one failed socialist program with another, and that is Ryan’s plan. 

Thank You.

Jane Bilello, Chair Asheville Tea Party