ATP Questionnaire

Asheville Tea Party Questionnaire: We appreciate and value your time and effort.  Therefore, we want to address the most relevant issues you think critical.  To help us, please fill out the questionnaire below.  We do not give away or share your info with anyone or other organizations unless you give permission.  See bottom of page 2 for submission. 



Phone _______________________________________________________________________

Email _______________________________________________________________________

 I do not currently receive the ATP newsletter, but want to. Sign me up.   YES  ____ NO ______ 

 _______________________________________________________________________ Street # Address


Town                                                                                   State                                             Zip Code                                                                                                               

Please fill out the form below and return. We will be in touch. Thank you.    ===============

Which nights are good for you to attend a tea time meeting? ­__________________________________________________________________

Check which areas interest you most.  Please check all that apply to you.

_____School Board

_____County Commissioners meetings

_____City Council meetings

_____Common Core

_____Education issues

_____Illegal immigration/amnesty

_____Marriage issue


_____Voter Integrity

_____Gun rights 2A (including local compliance with current gun laws)

_____Religious Liberty


_____Private property rights


_____Drone domestic surveillance

_____Holding Congress Accountable

_____National Security

_____Web Site help with updating pages

_____Recruiting speakers

 _____Tea Time Social Event/Location (for example a movie or restaurant, picnic) _______________________________________________________________________


____Help to organize social event 

Which areas would you be willing to volunteer?

 I'm Really good at  _________________________________________________________

 _____Help volunteer at the gun shows at the Ag Center

 _____ Help with web pages on the website 

 ____Help with phone bank/last minute phone calls

_____Canvass door-to-door

_____Help with fundraising (Ex. Machine Gun Social)

_____Write letters to editor

_____Sign & send letters to the editor written by someone else for me

_____ Display yard signs

_____Place signs on streets and corners

_____Display bumper sticker

______Hand out bumper stickers/campaign material/Constitutions, etc.

_____Wear badge/button

_____Hand out information at polling places

_____Hand out information at stores/malls

_____Come to campaign office and greet folks/write post cards/do ‘other necessary work

_____Host a private gathering/A Meet n Greet

_____Be block captain to keep neighbors informed of issues

_____Recruit others

_____Help making contact with other groups (Rotary/Vets/Clubs/Tea Parties/merchants, churches etc.)

_____General delivery and Ttransport (do you have an SUV, Van. RV, etc.) Take elderly/disabled to polls

_____ Special skills or talents ________________________________________________

______Other ____________________________________________________________

 Copy/paste completed form into an email and send to

Or print completed form and mail to Jane Bilello, 218 Vincent Place, Hendersonville, NC 28739