ATP Stand on DACA – non-starter

ATP’s stand on  President’s 70 Point Plan.  While we applaud the plan as long overdue, negotiating its terms for amnesty for illegals (aka dreamers) – is a non-starter.

…  Amnesty translates into Dimm votes on the failed socialist-progressive policies and one more blow to bring down our Republic.  At the very least, these ‘dreamers’ should not be allowed to vote.   Their vote, our nightmare. We must stop this compromising with the left if we are going to survive as a nation.

Action Item: Sentinels should ask their members of Congress to support President Trump’s efforts to end the unconstitutional and illegal DACA program and enforce U.S. immigration laws, secure our borders, and reform our broken legal immigration system that includes the repeal of the Diversity Visa Lottery program. Additionally, the 1986 mistake of trading amnesty (i.e., DACA) now for border security funding later should not be repeated. Congress should pursue meaningful reforms such as ending chain migration and replacing it with a merit based immigration system. Congress should reject efforts by Democrats and moderate Republicans to codify DACA on any upcoming spending package or otherwise threaten a shutdown.


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Why Congress Should Not Legalize DACA: The Myths Surrounding the Program: