ATP Visit to West Henderson High School 9/5/2019

Jane Bilello

Mon, Sep 9, 1:23 PM (2 days ago)
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Thank YOU so much for coming to Mr. Brewer's class.  Let me tell you what happened after you left.  I went back to the class to deliver the rest of the Constitutions.  Mr. Brewer would like us to return!  Just what we talked about on the way out!  He also chuckled over  'Coach' and his 'left' remarks.  Mr. Brewer said it was great for the kids to get two sides.  He is going to contact me for a future visit.  🙂
Thought:  I think we need to bottle this and give it away!  The strategy we used today seemed to work well.  Let the kids know who we are, background, and why we're there. The military piece was important to underscore the sacrifices made to keep us free. Talking about hot topics like the electoral college, our inalienable rights and why we have them enshrined in our Constitution and why they are relevant today is crucial.   
Thank you Mark for the Constitutions.  Thanks Kate for the very timely send.  They were great.  Really liked the format of having an index at the back of the book.  We made sure they kids knew it was you who sent them.  Mr. Brewer also said you visited his class a few years ago. He evidently was quite impressed with you and the probing questions the kids asked.  
This should be our activity for Constitution Week - plus during the year - education piece.  Hope you will help out to get this off the ground!  Well done!  🙂  Jane
Mr. Brewer took some pictures of us.  (We can't take photos of the kids.)