Atrocities in Texas and Ohio; Democrats (and some Republicans) call for gun control;



America is in mourning after two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio over the weekend. Actually, some are in mourning; others are once again using human suffering as a springboard to push for gun control and score political points. Some are just displaying their ignorance of gun control laws.

Here’s what we know:

Texas authorities are seeking the death penalty in El Paso, while feds are investigating the crime as domestic terrorism.
Dayton police had the Ohio shooter down in under two minutes. The shooter’s sister was one of the victims. Dayton officials have put out a timeline of the shooting.
The alleged El Paso shooter appeared to be a white supremacist, according to his apparent manifesto. The Ohio shooter was a self-described “leftist” who was expelled from school over violent fantasies discovered in a notebook.

Here’s how Republican officials are reacting:

Dan Crenshaw is floating the idea of red flag gun confiscation policies.
President Trump has now called for more extensive background checks.
John Cornyn visited the makeshift memorial in El Paso.