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March 31, 2017

From:             Buncombe GOP

To:                  Buncombe County Republicans and partners in good governance

Subject:          Repeal of HB-2

Yesterday’s fast track deliberation and successful vote to repeal HB-2 has left many Republicans discouraged with what appears to be a capitulation by our Raleigh majority.  Follow-up information may be of help in finding a positive landing place with what, for many, is a confusing outcome.

Last evening, I attended a Republican leadership conference call that included over 100 participants plus former Governor Pat McCrory, members of the NC House and Senate and NCGOP leadership. These spokesmen endorsed the action, shred the motivations and fielded questions from participants. Here’s a quick summary of what they shared-

1)  HB-2 was under consideration by a liberal court that was almost certainly going to strike down the bill and leave the door open to a reversal of current impediments to free range bathroom access.

2)  There was a need for new legislation to stop local governing bodies from enacting draconian laws such as that associated with the Charlotte ordinance that originally prompted HB-2.

3)  The law passed provides for many of the protections found in HB-2 but without the language and provisions that made the original vulnerable to attack and judicial intervention.

During the process, Republican voices raised a variety of concerns including the following-

1)  The abruptness of the action, with very little public input or discussion with our conservative governance partners, left some Republicans with a sense of impulsive capitulation.

2)  The appearance of an attempt to respond to deadline pressures from the NCAA was discouraging – social policy decisions should be not guided by economic impact pressures exerted by commercial enterprises.

3)  Many senior Republican leaders – including Lt. Governor Dan Forest – spoke against the bill and in favor of repair versus repeal. Many were concerned with the ‘kick the can down the road’ sunset components of the bill.

Whichever side you land on with this important social issue, please consider the following-

1)  In politics, like most other things, patterns matter over isolated instances. Our Raleigh leadership has a consistent pattern of standing for conservative values. They are the line of defense against the excesses of the left.

2)  Republican leadership has persistently been on the right side of HB-2 – at great risk and sacrifice.

3)  As Republicans, we are smart to remain loyal to our elected officials. Please raise your concerns or questions with enthusiasm, but remember who the real adversary is – those holding the view that gender confusion by the few should lead to the forced insertion of male parts into the female restrooms of the many.

Thank you for your continuing engagement in assisting our Republican elected officials in good governance. Keeping a strong hand on reality, reason, responsibility and right is a team sport.

In service,

Carl Mumpower, Chair-BCGOP

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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