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A survey from Katie Spee, Wall of Honor Heritage Sentinel.  Thank you Katie! 

If you fill this out, please send to Jane.Bilello@gmail.com.  I'll get your survey to Katie!  Let's do this ASAP.  Feb 15th, 2019  is the looming deadline for another shutdown fight!  


1/31/2019  Friends, 

I'm writing a letter today, and would appreciate your input on the following to help make my case, if you wouldn't mind helping me. 

By Feb 15, 2019, if Congress doesn't come up with a workable plan to fund POTUS's requests for border security, including $5.7 Billion for a combo of border barriers and other security, there will be a consequence. 


POTUS has said he might shutdown govt again. Or, he might declare a national emergency to achieve the border security by other legal means.

Would you share your thoughts on these things with me? 

1) Do you support another shutdown? 

2) When the term Wall is used, in the context of POTUS's request for $5.7Billion, do you assume one long contiguous barrier? Or a combo of barriers and other security measures?


3) What are you willing to give up to Dems in exchange for border barrier funding and other security and humanitarian measures? 


4) Should POTUS declare a National Emergency if Congress won't fund the $5.7 Billion


5) Do you have any other ideas on how to solve this issue?  


6) Do you think POTUS will risk losing his base?


7) If you're a Trump supporter, is there any option mentioned above that would cause you not to vote for him in 2020? Anything which would strengthen your resolve to vote for him. 


Thanks SO much for your input.