Buncombe County Corruption Under the Nose of Buncombe Commissioners

Buncombe County Corruption Under the Noses of the Commissioners

The County Commissioners have a sacred trust to be accountable, transparent, exercise fiscal restraint, and to respect the hard-earned tax money of the residents they represent.

The Buncombe Commissioners are getting paid the highest salary in NC to miss conspiracy, wire fraud, bribes, kickbacks, and embezzlement by a growing list of county officials!  (Remember – they produce nothing.  They ‘take’ your money.) To underscore the lack of respect for Buncombe citizens - On August 1, 2018 in a letter to the NC State Board of Electors, Chairman Brownie Newman took it upon himself to commit county resources for an extra early voting site (another $40,000 of your hard-earned money).  He does not have the authority to commit county resources without an open vote by all of the commissioners. 

Buncombe, YOU deserve better than this.  You need to get to the polls in November and start replacing them.  You can start with Glenda Weinert for District 2!  Jane Bilello, Chair ATP/ATPAC.  

You can also get to the Buncombe Commissioner's meeting on Tuesday, 8/21 at 4PM to get your 'Drain The Buncombe Swamp.See link for details of rally before the meeting and to get your sign, sign wave, and to hear a former attorney who sued Asheville.  


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