Buncombe County Putting Us ALL At Risk

Buncombe County Putting Us All At Risk by Linda Rebuck @holidayrevelle

Did you know that Buncombe County is considering plans to resettle refugees from terrorists countries in Asheville?  A number of area churches are interested in sponsoring the ‘new immigrants’ and in exchange would receive almost $2,000 per immigrant for their efforts.  While I appreciate the desire to help others, I would urge the churches to understand that charity begins at home. There are plenty of people in our own community who need their help. Stretching resources, such as creating unfunded burdens on schools, law enforcement, social services, housing and hospitals, is unfair to our own citizens, their children, many of whom are homeless.

While we should help these refugees, they would be better served remaining in places like Syria protected in “safe zones” by the US and allies.  Countries like Saudi Arabia refuse to accept refugees from Syria citing security issues.  Much to their credit, the Henderson County Board of Commissioners passed a Resolution opposing resettlement citing health and cost issues.  However if Buncombe county begins accepting refugees, all mountain counties within a 50 mile radius are also be affected.

Why aren’t the Buncombe County Commissioners concerned for our safety and welfare?  Ask them before you vote.  (197 words)