Call To Action for #FullRepeal

Tea Time March 2, 2017 to discuss more below.  Bring computers.  6PM, IHOP, 229 Airport Road, Arden. 
Action Plan and Contacts for #FullRepeal #Repeat2015Repeal
This is a grassroots national effort.  If you  voted to elect a Republican House, Senate and President so WE can rid ourselves of Obamacare, then you better let our President know we expect ALL of them to keep their campaign promise of #FullRepeal.  The House and Senate sent a repeal bill to Obama over 60 times (for his veto!)   Why are they not  sending the same 2015 passed bill to President Trump???  
The choice appears to be clear at this moment.  Either support House Freedom Caucus leaders, Rep Mark Meadows and Rep Jim Jordan, and RSC Chairman Rep Mark Walker, and Senators Cruz, Lee, and Paul, who are calling for Congress the pass the same ACA/2015 Obamacare repeal bill both houses passed last year, and put it on President Trump's desk for his signature, or, support Speaker Ryan's Repeal Plus plan, which amounts to a new entitlement and a tax increase rolled into one.
After the President's speech, Chris Stirewalt, Chris Wallace, and Congressman Daryl Issa proclaimed Trump was behind Ryan's plan.  Let us hope this is not the case!  President Trump says he will sign whaever bill is put before him.  It better the one of free market solutions offering freedom, choice an competition!  

Daily Signal, March 1, 2017:  "Members of Congress should reject draft legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare that is currently being circulated in the House of Representatives.
At this point in the debate, they should focus their efforts instead on repealing Obamacare and transitioning out of its destructive effects.
Regrettably, the House proposal combines the repeal and replace efforts into one bill, jeopardizing the success of both.
The reality is that Obamacare cannot be repealed and replaced simultaneously. Read more ...
Get Your Voice Heard - AGAIN!  
Last Chance to Kill Obamacare
 Call to Action Plan  2/27/17
Messaging:  #Repeat2015Repeal     #NoRepealPlus
This is our last chance to kill most of Obamacare.  
1.     President Trump needs to hear from conservatives this week about his promise   to repeal Obamacare.
Please call the White House Comment Line between 9AM-4PM EST
(202) 456-1111, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday this week (2/27-3/1)

Also, send an email to the White House by completing the form-

  Please call everyday and email everyday. 
Here is the message for President Trump:
     "President Trump,
Please put pressure on the Republican leaders in Congress to bring the 2015 Obamacare Repeal Bill (H.R. 3762) to the floor for a vote.  Please urge Congress to pass the 2015 Repeal Bill in both the House and the Senate.  Urge Congress to get that bill to your desk for your signature.  Both the GOP House and Senate passed this Obamacare Repeal in 2015. ( It was vetoed by President Obama.) Since Congress passed this bill in 2015, there is no reason they cannot pass the identical bill now. Please follow through with your campaign promise.  Thank you."
3/1/2017:  ATP letter to President Trump via the White House website here.
2.    Tweet and FB @POTUS @VP @Whitehouse and keep encouraging them on this message.  
Tweet Fest Thursday, March 2, between 11A and 1PM.  See here for details. Easy way:  go to Twitter @AshevilleTeaPty and #FullRepeal, and #Repeat2015Repeal and #NoRepealPlus pages and Retweet (RT) 
3.    Contact your reps and tell them you expect them to pass the 2015 Repeal Bill, NOT "Repeal Plus". (In a nutshell, Repeal Plus is a Ryan/GOP leadership Repeal/Replace squishy bill that will be worse than Obamacare and end up owned entirely by GOP. It currently appears to be crafted to raise taxes on the middle class, to bail out insurance companies and tax employer based health care plans.  Why is @GOP proposing to bail out insurance companies? That's a good message to ask squishy members & leadership. @SpeakerRyan @SenMajLdr.  (Contacts here.  Freedom Caucus nd Republican Study Committee here.
When tweeting use: #Repeat2015Repeal  #NoRepealPlus   There are no excuses! Simplest message-Put same bill on Trump's desk you put on Obama's. This is the only bill that has the possibility of passing according to high level House sources.
4.     Tweet and post on FB to the the House Freedom Caucus members your messages of support and gratitude that they support the 2015 Repeal Bill #Repeat2015Repeal and #NoRepealPlus. Rep Meadows and Rep Jordan will be appearing on news programs this week to support this messaging and take incoming fire   We need the rest of members to hold the line.(House Freedom Caucus and Republican Study Committee here.
5.     Contact Rep Mark Walker (Chair, Republican Study Committee) @RepMarkWalker and his committee @RepublicanStudy and get him/them to take a formal position on the #Repeat2015Repeal. (RSC members here)
6.    Contact Secretary Tom Price the new HHS Secretary @SecPriceMD @HHSGov and urge same #Repeat2015Repeal #NoRepealPlus messaging.
7.     In the Senate-Support & encourage @SenMikeLee, @RandPaul, @SenTomCotton and @SenTedCruz for supporting #Repeat2015Repeal.  They will be our Senate NO votes if Leadership tries to bring Repeal Plus for a vote.
8.    Spread the word and join the Tweet Fest this Thursday March 2, 11AM-1PM.
#Repeat2015Repeal  #NoRepealPlus.  
9.    Details, memes, graphics and sample tweets here.  Remember, easy way ... Easy way:  go to Twitter @AshevilleTeaPty and #FullRepeal, and #Repeat2015Repeal and #NoRepealPlus pages and Retweet (RT)