Candidates’ Corner

2020 Primary Endorsed Candidates List

Please share with friends.  Early voting begins Feb 13th and continues to Feb 29th.  Primary voting day is March 3rd.  Please don't wait to vote.  Vote early.  Thank you.  

Candidates’ Corner. ATPAC Approved.

Please click the link and the drop down menu for info on either present candidates or an election past.  Thank you.  

Please remember, we support Republicans, but not all of them. Case in point:  The #SwampRINOs.  We will support those candidates who have demonstrated through their voting records and their life's work, that they adhere to constitutional authority and they understand they work for We The People, and not the other way around.  

Read more here and see who we are supporting.  Please consider supporting these great folks with a raffle ticket for a Kimber 9MM Shot Show Special.  And,  please volunteer to help us get them elected, including our conservative judges.  There are many things you can do.  

Contact Jane at or call 209 986 3845.