China Joe’s Illegal Immigration Plan's Immigration Plans Put Americans Last In Every Way

Even while demolishing enforcement, Democrats plan blanket amnesty and massive increases in immigration.

17 million Americans are still jobless or underemployed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The Congressional Budget Office says many could be unemployed for years to come.

But China Joe Biden and the Democrat leaders in Congress want to increase the importation of foreign workers... AND give amnesty, including jobs and citizenship, to millions of illegal aliens. America already gives out more than 1.1 million green cards to new immigrants each year.

In addition to these green cards, the U.S. also gives enormous numbers of temporary work visas yearly. According to an outline of Biden's plan, he would give illegal aliens citizenship in just a few years, allowing them to start endless chains of family members adding more new immigrants. (The text of Biden's big amnesty bill was just released yesterday, introduced by Rep. Linda Sanchez in the House. Sen. Bob Menendez is expected to introduce it in the Senate next week.)

The message that sends to the world is : Come to America illegally and you get to legally bring your entire family . . . and eventually your in-laws can all come, too!

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