Patriotic Christmas Party at Pomodoro’s Thursday, December 5th. Must RSVP.

Asheville Tea Party’s 2019 - A Patriotic Christmas -  Christmas Party will begin at 6PM on Thursday, December 5, 2019 at Pomodoro’s Restaurant 75 Long Shoals Road, Arden (South Asheville, NC) 

We want to make this Christmas Party extra special with 2020 Coming.  So, this year's gift exchange (Dirty Santa!) theme is a Patriotic Christmas.  (Some ideas: ornaments, clothing,  Trump theme; 1A, 2A, something Deplorable, etc. Be Creative!)  We should have a great time stealing gifts!  We may even have a surprise visitor!! 

Tommy, Pomodoro's owner, is very accommodating and will see to it that we are a happy bunch.  Tommy will order as many servers as needed but he needs a number of guests. So please RSVP to Jane at or text to 209 986 3845 BY SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH.   Please include your name and # in your party.  Thanks.  

Directions to Pomodoro's on Long Shoals Road: 

It’s been quite a year with 2020 looming large.  It’s going to be great to socialize and catch up.  Hope you can make it.