Church Contact Info Page

Thank you for volunteering to help us contact churches about the Black Robe Regiment coming to us Constitution Week, Sept 17-23, 2017.  Your work is vital.  

Directions for finding contact information for churches:    

  1.  For page assignments:  Call Jane at 828 692 3117 for assigned pages  in Buncombe.   Call Kay Miller for assigned pages Haywood 864 325 0093.   (We don't want to be duplicating.) You will be sent a link to the list of churches and page numbers to research. 
  2.  Once assigned, click on the church name (it will bring you to a website or yellow pages entry)
  3. Using the sheet below as a guide, research:  the name of church, location, contact person, phone and an email or web contact page (at minimum)  We have to be able to communicate electronically and by phone with the churches to invite them to the Black Robe Regiment presentation.
  4. Place the information in a word doc or on the face of an email and email it to Lori at or  
  5. Questions for Lori:  Home 828 683 1863.  Questions for Jane Home 828 692 3117

Volunteer name __________________________________________________

Volunteer  Phone _________________________________________________


Name of Church ______________________________________________________________

Town/County ______________________________________________________________

Contact Person ______________________________________________________________

Email address ______________________________________________________________

Or Contact page on website



Facebook page ______________________________________________________________

Twitter handle ______________________________________________________________