287g Program Constitutional Duty by Paul Rebuck

Constitutional duty by Paul Rebuck Times News 2/18/2019 link here. https://www.blueridgenow.com/opinion/20190218/mondays-letters-foisted-upon-us

To the editor: Can a wall be immoral? This claim was made recently by Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding Democrats’ refusal to fund another portion of the border wall. If immoral, why didn’t she demand the barriers already constructed be removed? If immoral, why did the Democrats vote to fund it in 2013?

Pelosi refused to meet with President Donald Trump to attempt compromise; instead the Democrats partied hearty on a beach in Puerto Rico (confusing, hypocritical or immoral?).

I sadly watched many “angel” moms who have come forward telling heart-breaking stories concerning the murders of their loved ones by illegal immigrants. In 2017 and 2018, 235,000 illegal immigrants were arrested on various criminal charges, including 4,000 homicides. The slaughter of innocent citizens and other immigrants, by people who shouldn’t be here, is what I call immoral (not mentioning deaths caused by illegal opioids).

Sadly, the Democrats appear to care more about non-citizens and their potential votes than the safety of our hardworking, tax-paying citizens.

I applaud Congressman Mark Meadows for his strong backing of all law enforcement and unwavering support for President Trump, who puts America first by protecting our country (constitutional duty). Democrats must step up and do their constitutional duty for American citizens; country over party.

Paul T. Rebuck, Hendersonville