Cruz Slate Rational For

 National Cruz for President Campaign Rational for the following slate:

1-  Clay McCreary is the former Treasurer of Caldwell County GOP and former campaign staffer for Mark Meadows.

2-Lynda Bennett went to the last National Convention and will be invaluable in anticipating what we need to do next.

3-Jane Bilello has many Tea Party contacts that will be at the Convention and she will be able to coordinate with them.

4-Glen Englram is a sitting GOP chairman and will be able to coordinate with many of the NC GOP leadership going to Cleveland.

5- James Davis is a member of the NC State Cruz leadership team and will be able to coordinate with the Cruz leadership.

The five  candidates above have been strong, longtime Cruz supporters.

If you support Ted Cruz, please vote for the slate presented on this card so that your vote for a Cruz delegate will not be SPLINTERED and spread over the more than dozen otherCruz applicants. Otherwise, we could lose to the non-Cruz candidates.