Oregon Did Put A Gag Order On Those Christian Bakers


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Here's how business owners can protect themselves against gay marriage decision


The Questions Regarding Marriage, it's definition, it's Constitutional and cultural basis 

2015 Ryan Anderson's New Book:  Truth Overruled:  The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom

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June 12, 2015 NC House overrides Veto on Marriage Bill.  Abiliity To  Opt-out of Performing Marriages Becomes Law

 Senate Votes To Override Veto On Marriage Bill

Ability To Opt-out of performing marriage Becomes NC Law

New Marriage Laws Sparks Concerns

North Carolina House overrode liberal Republican Governor Pat McCrory's veto of SB2, the Senate-originated bill that would provide religious conscience protections for public employees who deal with marriages. - See more at:


4/2015: Protect Religious Freedom in D.C.

Religious Issue Description

 4/30/2015 Key Questions and Remarks from Supreme Court on Same Sex Marriage 4/29


4/30/15 GOP leadership agreed to hold vote to protect religious freedom in DC:

 Gay Marriage A Trojan Horse Movemen


Americans value the ideals of individual liberty, individualism, self-sufficiency, altruism, equality, Judeo-Christian morals, free markets, a republican form of government, democracy, populism, pluralism, feminism, and patriotism. The individual pursuit of self-interest leads to the best result both for the individual and for society as a whole is believed to be a successful formula for both economic success and optimal political function. This has been the historical culture of the United States.

Senate Calls The Schatz on Marriage