DACA Truth vs DACA Propaganda – Deliberate Falsehoods=Lies

Submitted by Mike Scruggs, Tribune Papers

Subject:  DACA Truth vs DACA Propaganda (Deliberate Falsehoods=Lies)

Much of the media and many Republican politicians are buying into a serious disinformation campaign to sell a DACA amnesty. There is a huge difference between the sentimental hype about DACA "dreamers" and statistical reality. 

My article this week is:  Media and Political Falsehoods about Immigration: 

Propaganda Images, Immigrant Crime, and DACA.  The propaganda hype painting the DACA applicants as ideal future citizens is outrageously unrepresentative  of the statistical reality. Our Republican leaders need to look at the facts or they are in danger of committing tremendous folly. 


This is very important, so I have copied and pasted the part of my article on DACA below:  




The media, political, and donor classes are straining every nerve to convince the public that 690,000 DACA applicants all came here as innocent children and are ideal future citizens. Yet most came here in their early teens. Those coming here as old as sixteen are included in the DACA amnesty proposal. Many are already in their thirties. Most are from Mexico and should have little trouble re-adjusting to Mexican culture. Furthermore, this group bears a strong demographic resemblance to other illegal immigrants rather than an idealized hope for America. Only 49 percent of DACA applicants have a high school education. CIS reports that 24 percent of them are functionally illiterate. By August 2017, 2,100 DACA beneficiaries had already been pulled from the list for criminal convictions and gang affiliations. They are very similar to the demographic that, according to a 2013 Heritage Foundation study, costs American taxpayers over $14,600 per year per unlawful immigrant household in benefits and services in excess of all income, sales, and other taxes paid. Only about 800 are serving in the military. Despite all the raving praise and propaganda about DACA “dreamers,” few DACA applicants have undergone significant vetting. Passing DACA without extremely careful vetting of applicants would be terrible folly. Mexico is not hell and, in fact, has many pleasant amenities and opportunities. Congress should not indulge the emotional sentimentally that going back to Mexico is a terrible punishment.    


DACA would be a terrible precedent expanding the already misinterpreted 14th Amendment birth-right citizenship clause to children as old as 16. Getting a child under 16 across the border would make them automatic citizens under current practice.


DACA children were brought here supposedly by their illegal immigrant parents, but giving a DACA amnesty would probably result in near automatic legal status and future citizenship for their parents, thus rewarding them for a crime. Encouraging lawlessness brings more of it.


Congress should not even consider a DACA amnesty until chain migration, the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, and birth-right citizenship are eliminated and E-Verify, border security, a 500,000 annual immigration limit, and a merit immigration system are completely in place and determined to be working well. The Graham-Durbin “Dreamer” Amnesty is far worse and should never be considered. Playing with amnesty is playing with fire that can destroy a nation’s security, prosperity, and culture. The safest choice is No Amnesty ever.