Democrat Socialist Party Stands For …

Democrat Party has become the Democrat Socialist Party …   

  • Is consumed with hatred of POTUS.
  • Puts politics before country while POTUS
  • Engages in slander and lies
  • Embraces socialism over capitalism
  • Embraces New Green Deal over real life prosperity
  • Votes against a bill that would protect babies born alive who survive an abortion – infantanticide
  • Wants to abolish ICE
  • Advocates to Knock down the ‘Border Wall’ that protects us against

    the 90% of heroin that comes into the US,

    Unfettered illegal immigration

    Open borders that allow terrorists, criminals and MS13 gang members to infiltrate our nation

  • Trashes due process unless it’s a member of their own party (Kavanaugh vs Lt Gov of VA)
  • Doesn’t value the Rule of Law, the Constitution, or our way of life that’s created more wealth, happiness prosperity for people than any other governmental system in history of mankind and we have shared it with the world

And ... How many of the Goals of the Communist Party line up with the Democrrat Socialist agenda?