Domestic terrorism numbers compared to other killings in the USA

Domestic terrorism numbers compared to other killings in the USA

Dear Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

The recent shootings in Texas and Ohio are of course reprehensible and evil.  Statistics tell us that US-grown domestic terrorism by anyone remotely labeled as a white supremacist consists of an average of 70 murders total in a year.   The recent apparent white nationalist in Texas, according to the media, “also raged against unchecked corporations who pollute the land” in addition to raging against mass immigration.   The city of Charlotte (NC) had 58 murders in 2018 but in 2019 by the end of June it already has had 57 murders and is on track to have 100 murders by the end of 2019………Baltimore has over 300 murders in a year and Chicago over 500……murder victims in all three cities hover at 75% African-American……..hardly a remnant of concern by the mainstream media.   There are over 16,000 murders in the USA each year.   To repeat, all murders are awful and sad and disturbing.
A conservative estimate of the number of US citizens killed each year by illegal immigrants is 3,000………some estimates go up to 10,000.  Next, you will find this number hard to believe but over 70,000 Americans died last year from drug overdose…….yes, 70,000.  Most of the illegal drugs coming into the USA come across our southern border.  China is also being pressured by the Trump administration to stop large amounts of fentanyl from being shipped illegally to the USA……….fentanyl is a highly addictive drug.  China promised our State Department they would mostly stop it, but the media reports they have done little to stop illegal fentanyl shipments.

And some people wonder why we have to use tariffs to pressure China to take action to stop decades of unfair trade practices.

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Ron Woodard



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