Election Integrity Flyer

Voters expect integrity in their voting system.

                                    We are counting on you to support free and FAIR elections.

                                          Vote YES on Senate Bill 326, the Election Integrity Act

S 326

  • bans private money in elections
  • changes the deadline for requesting absentee ballots to 14 days before the election.
  • requires photo ID for absentee ballots
  • changes the deadline for receiving absentee ballots to election day.


We support adding a mobile team to this legislation to help voters in need to obtain the free Voter ID.

We also support

  • ending same day registration
  • requiring proof of citizenship
  • ending the reasonable impediment affidavit as a substitute for voter ID
  • complete access of election observers to the election process
  • provide the state legislature with legal standing

These changes are consistent with the recommendations of the Heritage Foundation for Voter Integrity.

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