#EndInfanticide State Legislation

Please continue to support the efforts on  Open Arms Pregnancy Center in Hendersonville, Joyce Wright Executive Director, and Mountain Area Pregnancy Services in Asheville, Kristi Brown Executive Director.  They need our support to continue this work.

If you don't live in either Henderson or Buncombe County, please find and support your local pregnancy center. You've seen 'Unplanned.'  It's now time to act!

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March 31, 2019

It is now time to act!  #EndInfanticide

In the past two months, NC senators and representatives have proposed 7 new pro-life bills.  ATP has supported NC Values Coalition who have worked hard to assure that as many of these bills get passed as possible. " ... These bills make "dismemberment abortions" illegal (SB-51 & HB-54), require physicians to educate women about treatments for abortion pill reversal (SB-52HB-53, & HB-22), ban abortions after 13 weeks (HB-28), and protect babies born alive during attempted abortions (SB-359). ..."  

Will this be easy ...  Of course not, but we must and will persevere. NC abortion law is unconstitutional, federal court rules. " ... The judge gave state lawmakers 60 days to either write a new abortion law or appeal his ruling. ..."

Please call your NC House Reps and NC Senators and tell them to support these bills and to co-sponsor them, if they have not already.  Tell NC House Speaker Tim Moore and President Pro Tempore Phil Berger to assure that these bills are brought to the floor for a vote.  


(SB359 mirrors the #BornAliveAct in DC that Republicans have attempted 21 times to get to the floor for a vote.  See below for further details.) 


There is hope on the horizon ... The Kentucky Legislature passed two bills on abortion this week, and unless a court blocks them, the procedure will effectively be banned in the state.  And states are taking direct aim at Roe v Wade. For years, anti-abortion politicians around the country have been chipping away at abortion access, passing more than 400 abortion restrictions since 2011.



This is the latest update ... Anti-Choice Politicians Are Taking Direct Aim at Roe v. Wade

BREAKING 3/29/19:  Georgia Legislature Passes Fetal Heartbeat Legislation


" ... This could not be more timely.

The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, who is now best-known for his notorious blackface/KKK yearbook picture, shocked the pro-life community just days before that media scandal by openly advocating for post-birth infanticide. ..." Read more ...

Activist Mommy  Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Makes Animal Cruelty a Felony, Supports Post-Birth Infanticide