Final Resolution – Establish Independence From GOP

Conservative Grassroots Voters:


A Resolution to declare our independence from the Establishment Republican Party and the corrupt Beltway Republican Machine.


 Whereas Conservative Republicans have been the deciding factor in Republican successes since 2010;


 Whereas Conservative votes in 2016 are pivotal to a Republican win in the House, Senate and the White House;


 Whereas Conservatives have stood by the Republican Party, supporting candidates chosen chiefly by the Beltway Establishment;


 Whereas the GOP Establishment candidates, in order to gain our financial support and votes, have promised to repeal Obamacare, end the open support of illegal immigration, remedy the deficit, defund Obama’s use of executive orders and counter the Progressive/Democrat agenda;


 Whereas the GOP Establishment candidates have failed to follow through on their campaign promises for the past three election cycles and have instead aligned themselves with both Beltway political machines;


 Whereas the GOP Establishment has intervened in state elections at the last minute with a flood of special interest funds aimed at thwarting our highly viable Conservative candidates;


 Whereas the GOP Establishment has alienated the Conservative voters, characterized us as enemies and cast the majority aside in favor of an elite group of career politicians who value power and money over the Constitution;


 Whereas the newly seated 114th Congress, controlled by the GOP Establishment, has in its first months embarked on a campaign of reprisal against Conservative members, while pursuing legislative actions favorable to the Progressive agenda.


 Whereas the GOP Establishment no longer represents a majority of its constituency;


 We Resolve to change our voter registration from Republican to Independent/

Unaffiliated and encourage other Conservative Republicans to follow suit.


 We Resolve to withhold our membership, financial support and votes from the Republican Party until they demonstrate a return to Conservative values.


 We Resolve to support only Conservative candidates and their campaign platforms.


 Resolved March 5, 2015