First Citizens Bank Endangers Customers

Grass Roots North Carolina - First Citizens  disrespects law-abiding, gun owning customers.  They put everyone, including their employees, at risk.  See here for details.  ATP urges you to close your account with First Citizens and open one with Wells Fargo or other bank who respects the rights of gun owners, and will not place its customers in danger by creating hazardous “gun free zones” in and around its branches.

4/10/2015 Letter to First Citizens and our reasons for  closing out accounts

First Citizens Bank

April 10, 2015

Dear First Citizens Bank Board Members: 

I regret to have to inform you that we have closed our accounts at First Citizens Bank. 
Asheville Tea Party, Inc., Asheville Tea PAC, and Asheville Tea PACFEC have been loyal customers of First Citizens since 2009.  We can no longer do business with you and we are encouraging others to close their accounts with you as well.

By the posting of your public business premises against the lawful carrying of concealed handguns by permitted individuals (G.S. 14-415.11), and open carrying of handguns (the law has not changed), your business has assumed responsibility for the safety of those forced by circumstances to visit your facilities.  You have, by your actions, increased the risk of criminal activity by advertising to the criminal element that the law-abiding citizen will be disarmed by your action, leaving criminals to prey on those entering into, inside of, or leaving your premises. You also put your employees at great personal risk.  No surprise - First Citizens has been robbed at gun point at your branches across this state over the years.    

Criminal-friendly “gun free zones” are extremely dangerous, particularly at financial institutions, where customers routinely carry large amounts of cash. Disarming your law-abiding customers also sends a strong message of distrust and disrespect. Given this, we are no longer comfortable banking at your institution.  

Through the efforts of Grass Roots North Carolina and our organizations, we have encouraged many others to close their accounts with you.  We will continue that effort.   

It is unfortunate that our business relationship has ended this way. Perhaps you will reconsider this hazardous and disrespectful anti-gun policy before losing more customers and investors. We are doing business with Wells Fargo because they don’t post against their law-abiding customers, but simply follow state and federal law regarding firearms.  Unlike First Citizens, Wells Fargo demonstrates a genuine concern for their customers.


Jane C. Bilello


Asheville Tea Party

Asheville Tea PAC

Asheville Tea PACFEC

828 692 3117


cc:  ATP, ATPAC, ATPACFEC Board Members, Grass Roots North Carolina