Glen Englram Delegate Bio

Glen Englram Resume for National Delegate 2016

Retiring early from a  rewarding career advising leaders across a variety of industries, my wife and I moved to Hendersonville in 2011, becoming active on a number of levels within the Henderson County Republican community. I’ve served as precinct Chair, 1st Vice Chair, and now County Chair (twice elected). Alongside these important commitments, I am a Reagan conservative who embraces our founding principles ( I stand ready to join the North Carolina delegation and faithfully represent our great state when the Party gathers to choose our next Presidential standard-bearer.
This is a very important undertaking, I hope that I’ve earned your support, and that you will cast a vote in my favor Wednesday night.
If you have not as yet visited the Convention web page, click here.
Thank you, ALL, for your interest in making your voice count come Convention time.
See you on Wednesday,
Glen Englram