Continue The Fight 2017

Continue The Fight 2015

Rid us of RINOs and Progressives, their failed policies, cowardly stands, and sell out to special interest money.  

The Tea Party Movement came to life in 2009 because WE THE PEOPLE knew then and now that we no longer have two political parties. Our nation is circling the drain.  The effort is monumental but with your help, we can turn the ship around. 

 Do you want us to continue to make in-roads to restore our nation?  Then, please support this effort. 

 Asheville Tea Party (ATP) needs your financial help. 

 We made history as the first grassroots group to successfully challenge the Board Of Elections.  We have twice been successful in removing missing voters from the voter rolls, including educating and working with other counties to do the same.  We spent over a thousand dollars just for this.

We have given away almost 7,000 Constitutions and purchased many educational books and DVDs for your perusal.

  We have organized forums with noteworthy speakers on Common Core, 10th Amendment, Voter Integrity, Oath Keepers, Constitution, Health Care, Fair Tax, Agenda 21, Preparedness, Messaging, Leadership, immigration, drones, Second Amendment and more.

 We have organized and participated in rallies in DC, Raleigh, and locally , such as the Second Amendment Rally, 2A Debates, Benghazi Memorial, Obamacare, IRS Protest, Safe Schools, Planned Parenthood, Vacate the Chair, to name a few.

ATP has made both local, state and national news for the bold stands we take on issues.  We walk unafraid!  

We have also donated to worthy causes such as:  

Wounded Warrior ProjectMake A WishJohn Locke FoundationVoter Integrity Project, Patriot Camp, GRNC,  Wreaths Across America,  Operation Graditute, Make A Wish, Black Robe Regiment, Take a Policeman To Lunch, and more.   We would like to add Hearts With Hands to supply homeless youth with basic necessities and a box of food.


We cannot do any of this without your financial support.  


 Asheville Tea Party, Inc  is a  a 501 C4, non-profit, thanks to the efforts of our Congressman Mark Meadows on our behalf.  We take no salaries. We are citizen volunteers. You can find our financial statements on the NC Secretary of State page. We pay expenses for administrative costs to run the organization. The rest goes to charities, educational issues and constitutional causes.  Your information stays with us.

 As little as $5 from each of us gives us the opportunity to support these worthy causes for the year. 

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