Conservative Grassroots Voters:


On Tuesday, March 3, 2015, the Republican Party sold the Conservatives out by voting in favor of funding Obama’s Illegal Executive Amnesty program through the DHS funding bill. In the aftermath of their vote, they launched a full-scale attack on the Conservative members, aiming insults and smear ads at them because they stood by their principles and their campaign promises. North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows was among the Conservatives who were victimized.




 Tuesday’s actions made it clear that the GOP has lost its way and has no intention of embracing the Conservative majority. Just three months into the term, our Republican-led Congress has sold out to the Beltway Establishment and has reneged on the campaign promises it made in order to gain the Conservative vote. The Republicans we elected in November look and act more like Democrats every day.




 It’s time for Conservatives to make a clear statement that we will no longer tolerate the GOP’s duplicity, lying and corruption.  Please join me in changing your voter affiliation from Republican to Independent/Unaffiliated. In so doing, we can let the GOP know that from now on, they must earn our support and our votes. Because they need the Conservative vote to win in 2016, we can force their hand and perhaps get a well-vetted Conservative that we can actually support.




 To change your voter registration, visit your state board of elections website or stop in at your local Board of Elections office. In Buncombe County , you can download the voter registration form at




All other counties, at


 Our goal is to encourage 20 percent of North Carolina’s registered Republicans to change their voter affiliation. We are tracking our progress so we ask that you please contact us once you have changed your affiliation. You can email or go to the facebook page entitled Conservative Grassroot Voters. We will keep you updated as to our progress.




 Finally, please pass this information on to your Republican friends and family members and ask them to do the same.




 For Final Resolution Independence from Republican Party see here:




For Open Letter to Republican Party see here: