Gun Advocates Make The Case in Buncombe 2/4/2020

Thanks to all who attended the Buncombe County Commissioner Meeting on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 to advocate for Buncombe to respect the inalienable rights to self defense of its citizens and to respect the Second Amendment.  Our good friend Bernard Carman submitted a report with his presentation.  Thank you Bernard! As always, you come through for us. what a great presentation.
ar more pro Second Amendment / Natural Right to Self-Defense supporters there than those against.

Bernard  also published this on a few Facebook pages, including our NRC page.  He also  included the special comment for Democrats which i also included as replies everywhere he posted the main presentation on FB.
Of course, we are dealing with progressive Buncombe, the San Francisco of the SE.  Good luck.  However, we all need to make sure these socialists know 2A is the Law of the Land and our guns are not for taking!
Natural Right to Self-Defense FACTS
Ineffectiveness, Dangerousness & Deceit of Gun Regulations
• No gun regulation will ever serve to minimize violence.  Rather, nearly every gun regulation serves to maximize violence by only regulating law-abiding citizens — especially Helpless Victim Zones (aka: “Gun Free Zones”) which cause peaceful people to be disarmed and therefore become easy prey for violent non-law-abiding criminals.
• Gun regulations only serve to regulate individuals who obey the rule of law.  Violent criminals do not obey the rule of law, yet in spite of this blatantly obvious truth, ignorant and/or dishonest public servants — now, even Presidential candidates — disregard this fact while advancing continued ineffective and dangerous legislation.
• Using deceptive fear mongering tactics which have been widely embraced and disseminated by the mainstream media, anti-gun public servants and candidates continue to routinely advance blatant deceit regarding firearms — for example likening semi-automatic rifles, which function no differently from century-old hunting rifles, as “assault weapons”, giving the masses false data upon which to base public opinion.  The very phrase “assault weapon” is deceitful, as common knowledge dictates that weapons are used for both offensive and defensive actions.
• No firearm regulation can ever prevent a non-law-abiding violent individual from initiating aggression against law-abiding citizens; therefore, regulating firearms or their magazines in any way only prevents peaceful people from protecting ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors from such violent individuals.  Those who erroneously disagree with this fact need to consider the failed and destructive “War on Drugs”, which has never prevented access to any drug on the black market.  Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) has much truthful information regarding this subject.
• BOTTOM LINE: “Reasonable” or “common sense” gun regulations do not exist — they are nearly all ineffective and dangerous.
Legal Duty of Public Servants Toward Healthy Societal Relationship
• Bureaucrats and Law Enforcement Officers advancing firearm regulations — especially confiscations of any kind — violate the oath of office each one takes to defend the US Constitution, and by doing so they disqualify their official and legal authority.
• Creating more ineffective & dangerous firearm regulations will serve to further aggravate the relationship between peaceful American citizens and law enforcement, because LEOs will be ordered to also violate their oath of office as well as the Natural Rights of their own countrymen, further pitting the people against LEOs — in like manner as has been done via the failed and destructive “War on Drugs”, as previously noted.
• It’s the duty of American citizens and LEOs to resist and disobey officials who have so violated their just authority which was granted by the People.  These public servants have not been held accountable for such legal violations which begs the question, “If there is no penalty for public servants who violate their oath of office, what’s the point of taking the oath to begin with?”
Potential Dire Consequences of Natural Right to Self-Defense Violations / Usurpations
• Our Natural Rights are rooted in Natural Law and originate from our Creator (Nature, or Nature’s God) NOT the US Constitution — the US Constitution is merely a guarantor of our Natural Rights and a legal framework by which to limit the STATE, NOT the People.
• Natural Rights as derived from Natural Law are not negotiable via any so called “democratic” (majority rules) process.  No collective of individuals can justly violate or usurp Natural Rights.  This principle was so important to the American founders that they installed into the nation’s law various anti-democratic mechanisms, however, the masses have little to no clue what constitutes a Natural Right — it appears that the overwhelming majority among the masses erroneously believe that so called “rights” originate from the STATE.
• The altering or removal of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution in no way alienates from us our individual Natural Right to Self-Defense, which always stands regardless of corrupt & unjust legislation.  Therefore, regardless of legislators’s actions at the local, State, or Federal levels of government, many Americans consider ALL Counties as perpetually being Second Amendment sanctuaries, and there are millions of us who WILL NOT comply with further ineffective, dangerous, and illegal firearm regulations — especially not confiscations via so called “Red Flag Laws”.
• There are also certainly plenty of LEOs who will refuse to carry out such anti-liberty actions identical to that of the British Empire of the 18th century whose such actions ignited the American Revolution, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party which led to WW2, and so many other totalitarian empires which resulted in massive destruction of life among the working class.
• Public servants who continue to advance such anti-liberty agendas against our Natural Right to Self-Defense are not considering the very potential dire consequences of such actions, which could easily not only lead this country into an all out civil war, but also ignite WW3.
• To understand all this better it’s paramount to consider the math: If only 0.1% of the American population refuses to submit to any kind of gun confiscation legislation, those who so insist on such disarmament via force of the STATE must realize that they will have to murder 300,000 Americans who have never had a history of violence.  If that number is anywhere from 1% ~ 10%, they will have to murder anywhere from 3.3 ~ 10 million Americans to achieve their political goal of disarming the people.
• Therefore, logic and reason dictates that not one single individual arguing for “gun bans” or “gun registration” is offering any actions that would actually reduce gun violence — ALL such actions can only greatly increase violence, and further widen divisions between civilians and LEOs which have been born out of ignorance, hatred, and even so called “racism” (as many Neo-Amerikan gun regulations originate within Jim Crow laws).  It is an outrageous fraud to claim to be “against gun violence” when the actual position being taken is to be willing to murder millions of innocent and otherwise peaceful Americans to obtain a political goal.
Personal Notes
• A firearm’s necessity is akin to that of a fire extinguisher: it is not needed until it is needed.  History dictates that every so often BOTH are very much needed.
• I have no history of violence, yet because I am willing to stand up against STATE tyranny (of which I have a unique personal experience here in Asheville), I have been called “violent” even by some who apparently remain ignorant to the fact that “violence” is only justly attributed to an aggressor — not one who is defending oneself, in which case it’s called “self-defense”.
• We the People of not just Buncombe County, but all of WNC must unite together over Natural Rights principles, and demand justice accordingly from our public servants whose sworn duty is to protect rather than violate our Natural Rights, and we draw a proverbial line in the sand which reads: MOLON LABE!
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posted the following on FB, along with the above text:
i saw my old friend Phillip Price over the weekend when my band Chalwa played at Salvage Station & Highland Brewing.  when i greeting him with a smile and a hug i said, “i love you man, but i hate your political philosophy!”
i really didn’t want to talk about politics while enjoying myself, but Phillip being a concerned individual certainly sensed my honesty and inquired about why i am so anti-Democrat.  he apparently doesn’t really know about my personal history of how local so called “Progressive” Democrats utterly destroyed my livelihood after 26 years of providing the AVL community with a spacious green living environment in a restored historic Montford house.  yet, that’s not even the primary focus of my criticism over Democrats currently.
i briefly explained how the Democratic Party has gone completely insane, pushing the envelope of various tyrannical agendas further than i have ever seen — especially fielding candidates who blatantly say they desire to disarm law-abiding American people.  the Buncombe County Sheriff is one of these and is therefore extremely dangerous and needs to be ousted ASAP.
Phillip responded with the typical [ad nauseam] Democrat comeback: Beto was only speaking of “assault weapons”… to which i thought, “SERIOUSLY!?!”
i was at a loss for words being greatly astonished Phillip would even think to say this, let alone say it.  i tried to shake off this offensiveness of his statement, and tried to remind him that it’s ME he was speaking to, not some ignorant potential supporter for his candidacy.
so for Phillip and anyone else who may not take the time to read my statement of Natural Right to Self-Defense FACTS which i read during public comment regarding 2A Sanctuary County at the Buncombe Commissioners meeting, here is the portion which addresses this blatant lie by apparently nearly all Democrats:
• Using deceptive fear mongering tactics which have been widely embraced and disseminated by the mainstream media, anti-gun public servants and candidates continue to routinely advance blatant deceit regarding firearms — for example likening semi-automatic rifles, which function no differently from century-old hunting rifles, as “assault weapons”, giving the masses false data upon which to base public opinion.  The very phrase “assault weapon” is deceitful, as common knowledge dictates that weapons are used for both offensive and defensive actions.
now, for those simply ignorant about firearms — of which i would NOT have expected from Phillip — i will take a moment to elaborate.
a civilian AR-15 (and AK-47 for that matter) is a *semi-automatic* firearm: firing one bullet when the trigger is depressed.  to fire a second bullet one must again pull the trigger (so long as the firearm is still loaded with ammunition).  this is precisely how most all rifles, pistols (including revolvers) have functioned for over 100 years.
while “assault rifle” is an inaccurate term fundamentally due to the fact that anything can be used as a weapon and for offense or defense, the German word “Sturmgewehr” which literally means “storm rifle” and translated into English as “assault rifle”, was coined and popularized by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party during WW2.
the American military eventually adopted this faulty term “assault rifle” and ONLY legally attributes this term to an AUTOMATIC FIREARM: firing multiple rounds as long as one depresses and holds the trigger.  automatic firearms (along with a host of other firearm related items) were prohibited in 1934 from civilian ownership unless a $200 tax is paid, thus infringing our Natural Right to Self-Defense.
therefore, to call any semi-auto firearm an “assault rifle” is ignorant at best and dishonest at worst.
perhaps Phillip and some Democrat candidates have somehow remained ignorant of these facts over the last several years while their party and fellow Democrats have been not only routinely, but deliberately using these terms of deceit — yes, deceit — because reason and logic dictates that it is impossible for high profile Democrats to have remained ignorant of these facts to this day when they have been repeatedly corrected and refuted.
therefore, the only other possibility is that Democrats are willing to continue blatantly lying to the public in order to advance their tyrannical anti-liberty agenda, not even caring about the murder they will have to initiate via turning our LEOs into goons in confiscating our firearms.
everyone who is not fully indoctrinated into the deceptions of the Democratic Party ought to consider how confident they can feel supporting ANY Democrat right now, at a time when the Democratic Party has so blatantly lied to the American People, while it incessantly continues to to use such deceit in order to win elections so that they can continue to violate our Natural Right of Self-Defense, further increasing increase violence through gun regulations.
and those hypocritical Republicans who are jumping on this same bandwagon for any reason, and who enjoy engaging in diatribe against Democrats while giving mere lip service to the Natural Right of Self-Defense (among other NR’s), are certainly also included in all this criticism — their true colors will also be revealed so that the People can oust them as well.
life is continuing to grow more dangerous for the common working class of Americans who can barely afford to make ends meet, let alone afford such luxuries of many among the ruling class, like servants to take care of every day chores, or body guards to protect us from a society rapidly growing more insane (certainly largely resultant from STATE approved and protected food & water processes along with poisonous medications deemed as being “safe”).  therefore, We the People must rely upon ourselves for protection of our families — PERIOD!
hopefully, now that Phillip has been corrected in his erroneous thinking that Democrats — like Beto, Warren, Sanders, Pelosi, Brady, Clinton, etc. — aren’t actually interested in disarming the American People, he will cease from using this Democratic lie that they “don’t want to take our guns… just our ‘assault rifles’”.
however, i have little to no hope of the overwhelming majority of Democrats repenting of their past deceitfulness.  rather, i perceive they will continue this course of willful ignorance, using such blatant deceit in order to achieve their long held political goal of disarming the American People, at the cost of even millions of lives.