H.R. 1 Sabotages State Election Laws. Needs To Be Stopped!

H.R. 1: For the People Act.  Sabotages state election laws and federalizes elections.  Mike Lindell's explosive documentary 'Absolute Proof' https://michaeljlindell.com/shows how these fascists will codify election theft unless our state legislatures exercise their Constitutional right to enact election law.

Below are the Heritage Action for America notes. 

Also see Voter Integrity Project's article: Pelosi releases newer, more lethal version of H.R. 1

While the House was expected to vote on H.R. 1 this week, division amongst House Democrats and the narrow margin for passage have already forced Speaker Pelosi to delay the vote. Heritage Action key voted NO on this bill last Congress. The bill would:

  • Sabotage state voter ID laws
  • Mandate same-day voter registration
  • Automatically register ineligible voters
  • Unconstitutionally require states to restore the ability of felons to vote
  • Require ballots be counted outside of the voter’s precinct
  • Creates unaccountable redistricting committees
  • Alter Federal Election Commission into a partisan organization
  • Force taxpayers to fund campaigns that violate their own deeply held beliefs
  • Force candidates and organizations to reveal their donors' names, exposing them to Leftist bullies

You can read more in Heritage Action’s election integrity toolkit. Sentinels should urge their congressman and senators to vote no on this bill.

Heritage Action is also developing a strategy for advancing strong election integrity laws at the state level, focusing on battleground states. As we develop these resources, you can also check out some of Heritage’s previously published work on how states can ensure every vote is cast legally and can be tied to a registered voter: