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House and Senate Vote to Repeal HB2!  
ATPAC Challenge To GOP:  Will you hold your own accountable for the reprehensible vote to repeal HB2? https://ashevilleteaparty.org/?p=15493.  Articles/statements and more.  
Institute on the Constitution:  Men Invading Women's Bathrooms: American View statement before the NCGA put us at risk. 

Yesterday, leaders of the General Assembly had a press conference where they stated they had an agreed-upon compromise over HB2 with Governor Cooper. However, Governor Cooper and Democrats responded that the Republican leaders were distorting the truth, and that Governor Cooper would settle for no compromise besides a full repeal of the law.

We hoped that by now Republican leaders of the General Assembly learned their lesson that Roy Cooper cannot be trusted on HB2. Contrast these actions with the leadership of Lt. Governor Dan Forest, who has stood unflinching in his support of HB2.

Would you please take a minute to click below to email and call your legislators today, and share Lt. Governor Dan Forest's letter with them?

TAKE ACTION: http://www.ncvalues.org/stand_with_dan_forest

 See below for Strategy Suggestions.

Dear Leaders and Citizens,

Here you will find a Resolution to Support HB2 for your local school board. Please feel free to make it your own by inserting the name of your school board in the appropriate spaces.  Goal:  Get your school board on public record for support or non-support of HB2.  Continue the pressure. 

Strategy Suggestions:

1-     Privately contact school board members you think might be favorable to a Resolution supporting HB2. Ask them to present it to their Board for a vote.  Get like minded folks to attend your school board meeting and use their allotted time to speak for HB2, therefore paving the way for your school board members to present the Resolution under New Business. 



2-     If you cannot find a school board member or two (which will probably be more of the case than not) present it during public comment period, hand each board member a copy, and request that it be voted upon. 

Also, in either case, but especially in the case of (2), you might also want to start a petition drive to get folks to sign a petition in support of HB2. 

Each county is unique so you will have to modify your approach to get this done. 

Thank you.  Please continue the fight.  Keep us posted!  Jane




Legal Update: News From A Different Front On The Bathroom Wars (John Locke Foundation) http://www.johnlocke.org/research/show/spotlights/378

Video  Women Decide For Yourselves  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzwMJAFWLtQ&feature=youtu.be

John Hopkins psychiatrist Drops TRUTH BOMB on transgenders.  liberals furious http://www.allenbwest.com/michele/johns-hopkins-psychiatrist-drops-truth-bomb-about-transgenders-liberals-furious
Why North Carolina Got the 'Bathroom' Bill Right And The Transgender Lobby Got It Wrong https://stream.org/why-north-carolina-bathroom-bill-right-transgender-lobby-wrong/
K-12 Gender Identity Standards Surprise Some Washington Parents here.
  3.24.2017  Friday Five from NC Values Coalition 
HB2 is right!  
Free-range is a good concept for raising chickens and children -
It's not a good thing for public restroom access.
 Progressive-Liberal-Socialism - a mission of power - not progress...

- Our Elected Officials Are Right on HB2-
Once Again the Left Gets a Pass in Asheville

May 15, 2016
From:                          Chad Nesbitt, Pastor Andrew Sluder, Pastor    
                                    Wendell Runion, and Carl Mumpower
To:                               Whom It May Concern
Reference:                    Press Release - Pro-HB-2 prayer chain harassed
                                     and overlooked
Saturday's prayer chain in support of Governor McCrory and our state legislators on HB-2 was a success. We had 43+ participants who walked up Town Mountain Road to the I-240 overpass, lined up on the sidewalk on either side, and offered individual prayers. It was a peaceful, positive, and proactive statement of support.
Now for the follow-up. First, we'd like to thank WLOS for providing balanced coverage for both sides on Saturday. Per the usual, Asheville's daily paper - the Citizen-Times - highlighted every anti-HB2 group they could, made no mention of our pro-rally, and ignored the reality that HB-2 supporters probably had more people in attendance than all the other groups combined.
Here's more. Ignored by all - including the police - was the harassment our group received at the hands of the anti-HB-2 crowd. A car of anti-HB-2 protestors parked in front of our prayer chain, blocked traffic, turned up its radio and otherwise made noise to disrupt prayers. Other vehicle-bound protestors coming up and down the mountain repeatedly yelled lude comments and blew their horns as well. WLOS has the video. So do we. Here's a link to ours:

One of our attendees made a delayed call to the police. APD arrived after about 10 minutes - you will see the car rushing to leave per a warning call they received.
What's the point? Asheville remains a haven for progressive, liberal, socialism - and our media outlets routinely demonstrate active bias in not providing both sides of the story or details that shed negative light on the left. Can you imagine what would have happened if our side had harassed theirs?
Chad Nesbitt               Pastor Andrew Sluder
828-216-0147              828-231-3316
Dr. Carl Mumpower   Dr. Wendell Runion
828-318-2595              828-230-0217
Suite 309 ~ One Oak Plaza ~ Asheville, North Carolina 28801
(828) 252-8390 ~ NCTruth.com


This is a new website:  Rule of Law or Rule by Intimidation?    www.nctruth.com.  

A wealth of information on what we can do to Communicate, Protest and Boycott.  Let's  #KeepNCSafe.  

4/16/2016:  From Steve Carter, Alamance Conservatives

I just signed the petition "Burlington City Council: Citizens in Support of HB2" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.You can read more and sign the petition here:


As important, if not more is your presence at the Tuesday April 19th Burlington City Council meeting.  It is my understanding that the HB2 issue will be brought back up for discussion.  I would like to ask that as many of you as can, and I hope that is many, will show up wearing you’re Alamance Conservative shirts or T-shirts (we will try to have some there for you, although inventory is low).

If you want to make a sign the slogan being used is “Keep NC Safe”.

If you would like to show support for our Republican General Assembly, the first day of the short session is April 25th and there will be a rally on the Halifax Mall at the legislative buildings that day to counter the opposition rally.  You should come on down to that as well.  We might be able to organize some carpooling.  Let me know your interest and we’ll see.

So, come on out and take a stand for NC and the cause that is RIGHT.